3 People Assassinated in Nottingham; Police Arrests Accused Murderer

3 killed in a Knife Attack in Nottingham and 3 Injured from a Van Attack

On 13 June, three people got stabbed to death with a knife in Nottingham, United Kingdom. A man aged 31 has been taken into custody by the police for the suspected murder. According to the law enforcement team, they got information about two people dead in Nottingham City Centre. Three other people were also injured by a speeding van in Nottingham which was a part of the same incident, according to the police. 

The suspect who has been taken under custody is accused of killing 3 people with a knife stabbing to the death. The van attack in which 3 people were crushed is claimed to be a part of the same case, though the attacker couldn’t kill anyone who got crushed by his vehicle. 3 injured victims are currently being treated at a medical center. 30 to 40 Police officers have been assigned at the crime scene to secure the area. The investigation procedure has been started and Nottingham’s Public transport has been stopped temporarily to investigate further. All public transport including trams, buses, and trains will be on pause for a while. All streets and roads are temporarily closed and sealed around the Theater Royal Nottingham.

According to the local police, the streets and roads around the Crime Scene will remain closed for an indefinite period to continue the investigation. People are advised to stay away from the Theater Royal and Magdala Road as these locations are the main areas where this crime happened.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tweeted, I am thankful to the local law enforcement authorities and officers for their time support and continued hard work to investigate the case. He is also happy about the police’s successful effort to capture the murderer who murdered three people in front of Theatre Royal. He also showed sympathy for the innocent victims and people who got affected by this severe crime incident. Rishi Sunak has also assured that proper actions will be taken against the goonies who did all this.

Here is his Tweet:

A lady claims that she has witnessed the live Van attack scene in Nottingham And tells how the van driver brutally crushed 3 innocent people on the road which was the planned murder according to police. You can listen to her statement in the below-given video:

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