3 Reasons To Use HPC Software

Many businesses are moving to High-Performance Computing (HPC) software applications because of their ability to efficiently process vast amounts of data, which can have all kinds of benefits. In fact, by 2027 the HPC market is predicted to grow to $49.9 billion. 

HPC provides businesses with efficiency and productivity levels a regular computer just can’t. The most common description and easy-to-understand of HPC is a supercomputer. 

Regular desktops at best process data billions of gigabytes per second, whereas HPC is in the quadrillions per second. It’s not even fair to compare a regular computer to a supercomputer. 

Keep reading to discover 3 reasons you should be using HPC software for your business.

1. Deployability

One of the biggest benefits of HPC is its versatile deployability. HPC Software can be deployed on-site, off-site, or exist in the cloud. For most businesses, the cloud is the option of choice.

HPC in the cloud provides businesses with on-demand latest technology and software. To achieve the same level of up-to-date access to new technologies and discoveries would require a substantially large budget for equipment costs. 

Whether you have a vast budget for HPC equipment or a modest one, the benefits of HPC software are not beholden to the size of your budget. This resource goes into further detail about the cost benefits of HPC.

2. A Need for High Speeds

 If you have large amounts of data to be processed then HPC is what you need. HPC can achieve the speeds it does through clusters and nodes.

A node is an individual server on the network. Clusters consist of thousands upon thousands of nodes. The nodes work together within the cluster by running software programs across the nodes to support HPC software applications. 

In order to capture the output of the applications and software programs, the cluster is also networked to the data storage system. Together, this provides the processing power that leaves standard desktops and workstations in the dust. 

3. Software Simulation

Probably the greatest benefit of all, using HPC software is the ability to simulate nearly anything. This is crucial for new product development, troubleshooting, and risk mitigation. 

Launching a new product can be a costly venture. And part of that cost is product testing. HPC allows for the creation of simulated tests. The data gathered from these simulated tests are just as valuable without the expense of physical tests.

The same goes for risk management. Simulated software programs can be used to run what-if scenarios in an effort to mitigate risk on a new investment, product, or service. 

HPC Software for Your Business

HPC software is a must for any business in need of processing large amounts of data. With HPC’s ability to be deployed on-site or in the cloud, any business can find the right solution to meet their needs.

Business owners can save on high product testing and risk mitigation costs. You’ll be able to create software simulations for your tests and projections based on the analysis of nearly any amount of data you want. 

For more ways, your business can benefit from HPC and to find new ways to improve your performance, head over to our business section today!