5 Perfect Employee Recognition Ideas

Did you know that there are more Millennials employed than any other generation, making up around a third of the whole workforce?

No matter what generation your employees belong to, everyone loves being recognized for their hard work. Rewarding employees boosts morale and also inspires others to do their best so they can get rewarded too. If you don’t have a reward system in place, then it’s worth implementing one as soon as possible.

Are you wondering what you can do? Keep reading to learn all about 5 perfect employee recognition ideas.

1. Employee of the Month

When it comes to recognizing employees, an employee of the month program is a tried and true method. Each month, you should pick an employee who you can celebrate with a party, a trophy, and more.

Knowing that they could be next allows employees to do their best each and every day.

2. Company Swag

Who doesn’t love swag? When managing employees, you can boost their mood by offering them company-branded swag that they can wear or even give to their family members.

The best way to have swag on hand is by creating your very own company apparel store. You can offer them apparel at events and other occasions so they feel closer to the company and become more of a tight-knit team.

3. A Talent Show

Are you still wondering how to keep employees happy?

Not everything needs to be based on work-related statistics, for instance. Instead, you can let your employees relax for an evening and enjoy a classic talent show. Be sure to give employees proper notice so they can prepare for their performance.

You could have a clap-o-meter decide the winners or you could elect some judges to score each contestant.

4. Celebrating Work Anniversaries

If you’re passionate about taking care of employees, then you should take note of when they joined your team. That way, you can celebrate each time a year has gone by.

Aside from a general party, you can create a slideshow that highlights their achievements and all the fun they’ve had with their fellow employees.

5. A Free Lunch

They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You can prove that saying wrong by rewarding your employees with a regular lunch outing on your dime.

This could be a weekly event, a monthly one, or as often as your business’s budget allows. They’re sure to appreciate the good food and the stimulating conversation.

Are You Ready to Use These Employee Recognition Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 perfect employee recognition ideas, you can celebrate and appreciate your hard workers. Not only will they feel great when you recognize them but it’ll also inspire them to do even better.

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