3 Things You Should Know About Hemp-Derived THC

CBD has been legalized for medical and health-related uses in many countries. However, we must never use cannabis for recreational purpose as it will have a bad effect on our physical and mental health. We should also talk to our health instructor before using THC for health benefits.

The only thing that concerns you is the Federal Government still considers marijuana illegal. That’s why a friend suggested you try Delta 8 products. But what is this new form of THC and is it safe?

We put together a guide to explain all about hemp-derived THC like Delta 8. Keep reading to find out if this legal form of THC would work for you!

Marijuana Vs. Hemp

Both marijuana and hemp come from the same group of plants called cannabis. So, they are very similar in chemical composition but react in a different way when they come in contact with cannabinoid receptors in our brains.

The biggest difference between these two plants is the ratio of THC to its non-psychoactive cousin CBD. Marijuana has more Delta 9 THC than CBD while hemp contains very little THC. Hemp contains more CBD than anything else but does contain small amounts of extractable THC.

3 Things to Know About Hemp-Derived THC

Because THC derived from hemp is new, we’re still learning more about it and how it affects the body. These are 3 things we know about synthetic THC right now.

1. The Federal Government Says It’s Legal

The main reason so many people have started using synthetic THC is that it’s not illegal according to the Federal Government! That takes the legal risk out of the equation, even if you’re crossing state lines.

The main reason synthetic THC is legal is that it doesn’t come from the marijuana plant. Any THC derived from marijuana is still illegal in most states and on a federal level.

2. There Are Different Kinds of Synthetic THC

The most popular type of synthetic THC is Delta 8. It’s almost identical to the most common kind of THC (Delta 9). But there are other types of synthetic THC like Delta 10 that act the same as Delta 8 and 9 but the molecule composition is a little different.

3. The FDA Has Not Evaluated Synthetic THC Yet

Yes, the Federal Government says it’s not illegal to use synthetic THC. But, the FDA has not researched the potential health risks yet. It takes a while for FDA approval and synthetic THC is still very new to the market.

The Hemp Following Is Growing Like a Weed

As we learn more about the benefits and risks of using cannabis, the general public has gotten more comfortable with its use. It seems like the bandwagon is still gaining steam!

Keep this article in mind if you’re considering using any kind of THC alternatives. It’s a legal alternative to using marijuana and still gives you similar effects.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all about hemp-derived THC. If you’re looking for more informative articles about health, lifestyles, and more check out the rest of our blog today!