Why Is My iPhone Not Charging?

If you’re asking “why is my iPhone not charging?”, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated right now. However, there is no need to be concerned. In the vast majority of cases, iPhone charging issues can be resolved with a quick, at-home fix.

Whether it’s an iPhone 11 not charging, an iPhone 12 not charging when plugged in, or any other Apple smartphone, we have got you covered. Here’s how to get your phone charging up again. 

1. Why is My iPhone Not Charging?

There are many reasons why your phone might now be charging. It is important to first confirm that your phone is, indeed, failing to charge.

If your iPhone is showing charging but the battery percentage is not increasing, the charging system might not be the problem. Your phone might just be running too hot. Close your apps and enter low battery mode to see if that improves things. 

2. Clean That Port

One of the most common causes of charging issues is a dirty charging port. This is why Apple store employees will always clean the charging port before they do anything else to a faulty phone.

If you are wondering how to clean an iPhone charging port at home, this guide explains it well. 

3. Cool-Down Time is Key

If you’re wondering “why isn’t my iPhone charging when plugged in?”, your phone might be overheating. If you are using your phone too much or are using it in a warm area, the battery might be literally getting too hot.

This expert guide on when to do when the iPhone charging port not working explains the quick steps you can take to put your phone in “cool down mode”. 

4. Change the Power Source

Often, the issue is not with your iPhone at all, but with your power source. Wall outlets frequently short circuit, or just become so clogged up with dirt and debris that they stop working. Unplug your charger and plug it back in somewhere else to see if that works. 

5. Change the Charger

Alternatively, you might need to change the charger to get results. All iPhone cables eventually suffer from wear and tear and will simply stop functioning.

In addition, fake Apple chargers are more likely to be “rejected” by your iPhone, which might perceive the cable as an untrustworthy device. If you have another charger on hand, give that a try. 

6. Check for Updates

If you neglect your updates, problems can start multiplying within your device. Updates are there to counter system failures, routine bugs, and security vulnerabilities.

If you do not install your updates when they arise, it is entirely possible that your phone will suffer from charging problems. Run your updates and then see if your iPhone will charge. 

Simple How-Tos for Everyday Problems 

If you have tried these quick fixes and are still asking “why is my iPhone not charging?”, then you may need to pay the Apple Store a visit. It’s possible that your battery or charging port may be broken and require a replacement.

If one of these tips did work, we’re happy to help you further! In our daily How To section, you can find simple, actionable solutions to everyday problems and inconveniences. Check it out today.