4 Fun Active Living Tips for Older Adults

4 Fun Active Living Tips for Older Adults

Image Credit: Marcus Aurelius via Pexels

As we age, it’s important to stay active to maintain a healthy mind and body and enjoy life to its fullest. Staying active makes us stronger and healthier and keeps ailments like diabetes at bay. 

While some prefer traditional exercises like walking or lifting weights, many others turn to fun activities provided by retirement communities. These activities are an effective way for seniors to stay active and help them connect with peers while also improving their overall health.

Follow these four tips to adopt some physical activity in your lifestyle! Implement a few changes to look and feel healthier as an older adult. 

Join An Active Living Retirement Community 

Some older adults who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle look for residences and living centres that promote active living. Such communities offer events, carry facilities like a gym or swimming pool on site, and promote active living in other fun and unique ways. 

Try Your Hand at Gardening 

Many older adults find that gardening is a wonderful way to add extra activity to their lives. Whether it’s in the community garden or around home, gardening can stretch muscles, relieve stress, and so much more.

Sitting at a comfortable height, gardeners can find interacting with plants easy on their joints too. 

Consider setting up an indoor garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs like basil, oregano, chives, and parsley. It’s a great way to start a gardening project. And let’s be honest — there’s nothing more delicious than a tomato salad made with homegrown vegetables and herbs!

You could also join a gardening community. Not only will you reap the benefits of a healthier diet, but you’ll also discover the comfort of spending time outside and sharing memories with friends.

Swim a Few Laps

Older adults can benefit from all types of exercises such, as walking, biking, Pilates, yoga, and weight training. But a favorite for many is swimming. Not only does swimming offer a full body workout with low impact on your joints — it also gives you a chance to enjoy the water and be a part of nature.

You can also enjoy some water-related self-care at home too with a bit of salt in your tub and some spa music. 

Try The Nintendo Wii

Can’t get to the bowling alley or swimming pool? No problem. Some family doctors suggest that older adults try an active video game system like Nintendo Wii. The Wii can be a good solution for someone who just wants to get up and move around without the use of any equipment or special skills like jumping and catching balls.

With a Wii, you can go bowling with a friend, compete in games, or dance! It’s no wonder that more top retirement communities are offering active game systems to their residents. 

You should always listen to your body, and if you need a rest day, that’s okay too — active living is all about doing what’s best for you. 

The bottom line is simple: keep moving in one way or another, and you can reap the benefits of active living all the way through your golden years.