5 Blog SEO Tips To Get More Traffic

Getting indexed in Google isn’t hard to do. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive traffic from searchers. Only 25% of visitors will go past the first page of Google, so you need to do some work to improve your chance of ranking.

Are you looking for a few SEO optimization tips that will help you rank for more keywords on Google? Use the five tips for SEO optimization below to get the rankings you’re looking for.

1. Build Topical Content

Topical authority has become a big deal on Google over the past several years. Google wants to rank authoritative websites. Why should you be considered an authority if you only have one page on your site that barely covers a topic?

Creating relevant content on a subject will help you do this. Create as many topics as possible to cover a subject from every angle. Link those pieces together to tell Google about them.

Doing this will help build topical relevance on your website.

2. Use Secondary Keywords

Secondary keywords are something you shouldn’t overlook when creating SEO content. In many cases, you won’t rank on the front page for the term you target with a high search volume. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t rank for other terms on the same page.

You’ll likely get more traffic from secondary keywords than your primary ones. That means you must create content targeting as many of those keywords as possible. Use SEO keyword research to figure out which ones are most worth targeting.

3. Use Structured Data

Google is relying more on rich text snippets now more than ever. It pulls data from websites and displays them on the search results. It can do a lot of this because websites use structured data.

You can use structured data to do everything from answering simple questions to creating FAQ sections on your site. See what snippets appear on your keywords’ search results and optimize your web content to rank for those snippets.

4. Optimize Your Performance

Performance is a critical factor that plays into ranking these days. Google doesn’t want searchers to have poor experiences with their sites. That’s why Google now values high-performing websites more than others.

Do what you can to increase your website load time. Check out Google’s website performance tools to see where your site suffers and take action to fix the problem areas.

5. Create Backlinks

On-site SEO isn’t the only thing you can do to rank higher on the search results. Many websites have a lot of authority, which makes them hard to overtake in the rankings. You’ll need help from backlinks to make a dent in the search results.

You can use a backlink program like this tool to see your competition’s backlinks. You can get the same links or look for others with similar values. The more authoritative sites that link to your webpage, the better your chance of ranking.

Don’t Stop Learning SEO Optimization Tips

While there are many common SEO optimization tips, it still isn’t easy to rank on the front page. You need every tool at your disposal if you want to gain higher rankings. Keep learning more about SEO to ensure you have all the knowledge required to get search engine traffic from Google.

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