Why is financial education important for any child?

Our educational ecosystem has for far too long turned its heels on the importance of imparting financial knowledge into children. Our education system mainly focuses on a degree-oriented approach, where getting a degree appears to be the prime focus and is given the limelight shadowing the importance of financial education for students which directly contributes to the rate of employment. Students are not really aware of all the opportunities to attain financial independence. We have been taught from a very early age that mainstream education is what we need and it is all that we need to be financially independent and stable. However, it needs to be understood that having finance-oriented knowledge is the need of the hour.

Importance of having financial education

Once you are done with your academics all you can possibly think of is to get a decent job with a decent salary and settle down as soon as possible, but what if things go sideways, what if you fail to get yourself a job worth your education? What if the education you have got from your schooling is not really enough to get you any job? What would you do if you got caught in such a scenario? You don’t really have the answer to this question and guess what you, certainly, are not the one to blame.

We are not properly taught about money and finance throughout our academic career resulting in incompetency when it comes to financial challenges. But with the changing demography it is now important to adopt a new approach towards life and impart a money-oriented knowledge into students such that they can stand shoulder to shoulder in the society. A knowledge in money and finance would make the students prepared for any sort of crisis and would help them learn ways through which they can become financially independent. 

Being financially independent isn’t about earning a lot and becoming rich, it is more about not being totally dependent on your parents to look after your expenses. This financial independence, however, can only be attained with proper financial education and an experience to cope up with the challenges an individual would face in life.

Earning money made easy through technology

Indisputably, technology has brought about a great reform in the standard of living of every individual and so has it done with the money-making process. In the current day we can see a student earn money online by the help of this very technology. There is a wide scope for students to earn money on their own by the means of freelancing, affiliate marketing and much more. Little education and guidance can make students aware and capable of being financially independent.

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