6 Ways To Make Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

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Finding yourself in a temporary living situation is far from an exciting prospect. You are suddenly in a new place, knowing that that place will never be yours in the true sense. The inevitability of leaving the accommodation behind makes it difficult to think of the space as your own, leaving you with lingering homesickness.

Every person craves a home, a permanent place where they can feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. However, the transitional nature of your temporary housing makes it near impossible to feel that way. 

For many people, temporary housing is never a preferred option, but many circumstances can lead one to seek one out. For instance, when moving, many real-life complications may have you out of your former home before your new one is ready for you to move. In such situations, temporary housing in the form of a short-term apartment lease, hotel stays, and man camps is the way to go.

Besides that, your job may also require you to live in a temporary house for a regional task. Take people working at extraction sites In Reeves County as an example. These workers may have to stay in a man camp Pecos TX for shelter while working in nearby mining sites and quarries.

However, though difficult, making your life in a temporary house feel like a home is not an impossible feat. With some measures, you can make your living quarters feel more comfortable and livable than you had imagined. Following are some ways you can make your brief stay resemble a home.

1. Unpack the suitcases

Nothing says, “I am only here for a while,” like a stack of suitcases still swallowing your stuff. You don’t need a constant reminder of your temporary living situation glaring at you from the corner of your room. 

Instead of living with a spilling suitcase, try unpacking all your necessary stuff and stashing your moving bags and boxes someplace out of sight as soon as possible. Find a place for your items of everyday use- use the cabinets, drawers, and open spaces you have to get rid of the living-in-a-state-of-flux feeling. 

Your things lying around the house make it feel like a home, so get your stuff out to make it look homier.

2. Make homemade dinner 

Eating out or having takeout may sound like the more convenient option for someone on the move. After all, you don’t need to worry about cooking or washing the dishes, so it does seem like the easier option. However, would using paper plates for takeaway food make you feel at home? Unlikely. 

Even if you are used to eating out every other day, nothing can combat making you feel at home quite like a homemade dinner. The hassle of sorting through your spices and scrubbing the utensils you have used seems worth it when you are craving the atmosphere of your home. 

If you can’t spare the budget to buy groceries and make a variety of dishes every day, choose a handful of simple meals that you can make with limited ingredients. Make dishes that don’t take very long to prepare, and make enough to leave yourself some leftovers. After all, coming home to food in the fridge can do wonders to soothe your soul. 

3. Rent some furniture for your space

Sure, you will soon have to leave behind the house where you are currently staying, but that does not mean it has to remain unfamiliar and empty without any furniture. Of course, you cannot risk the condition of your furniture by having it moved to a temporary place, but you can make use of furniture rentals to make your place feel homey. 

A nightstand for your belongings, a cozy sofa for the book you have been meaning to read, or a coffee table for your early mornings: there are so many furniture pieces you can rent to give your temporary lodgings some character. Renting some furniture would help overcome the “temporary” feeling by making your house look livelier and cozier. And the best part about it is that the furniture you own will remain safe and ready to be moved whenever it is time for you to shift places.

4. Brighten it up

Okay, so maybe painting your temporary living space is not the most recommended choice, but you can always bring some pop of color to your living quarters in some other creative ways. By decorating the place with some colorful decor pieces and artwork, you can make your house look brighter and less bland. 

You could cover the couch with a vibrant blanket, hang a piece of art on the wall, or buy a few interesting-looking vases for the shelves. While you are at it, get some bright lamps to- literally- brighten your rooms. Think of creative ways to make your house seem less like a white-washed hotel room and more like a cozy home. The more color and character your place has, the warmer and more familiar it will seem- which is the ultimate goal.

5. Personalize the space

Where you’re living may not be your permanent home, but that does not mean you can’t make it feel that way. Make your temporary house as unforgivably you as you wish to give it a home-like feel. Leave your traces all over the place to mark your presence and reflect your identity in every room- just like you would in your permanent home. 

There are so many ways to give a place your personal touch. You could hang your photo frames on the wall, set scented candles at every table, get your favorite mug out, and use pillows and blankets to create a familiar and comfortable space out of a temporary situation.

6. Get familiar with the community

Life in temporary housing can be unfamiliar and lonely, and some of the best ways to deal with that are getting out, exploring your location, and making friends. Take this as an opportunity to discover more about the community you currently live in; find good spots and the best restaurants to spend time at, and acquaint yourself with friendly people.

Connecting with people in your area will help you get more familiar with the place. Since you will be moving soon, you don’t have to maintain lasting relationships with anyone. However, knowing some people to converse with and spend time with will make your stay feel less lonely.


If you recently moved to a temporary house, you may find yourself disconcerted and uncomfortable given the unfamiliar environment. Given the less-than-ideal nature of the situation, it is understandable for you to feel that way. Be that as it may, it is still important to remember that it will not last forever. You will move to another place sooner than later. Meanwhile, you can try to make your living space as comfortable as possible and make the most out of your living situation.