7 Best Netflix Series So Far- 2021

Best Netflix Series

Best Ever Netflix Series Available in 2021

The best things about this quarantine are Netflix and family time. Due to this Covid-19 the world comes to a halt. But yes thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, life is still happening. I understand we already binge watch every thriller and suspense dramas over Netflix in last year but today I am here to tell you some latest series and movies which you can’t risk to ignore. Netflix always surprise you with the best movies, series and documentaries from different genera like adventure, thriller, romance, crime and drama. My favorites are supernatural series and movies .There are some recently added movies which available on Netflix.

Best entertaining shows available on Netflix -2021

1.Breaking Bad

Genera: Crime drama

A high-school chemistry teacher who lives in ABQ in New Mexico diagnosed with end stage lung cancer .He is trying to balance between his family and his job which takes a big turn, when he meets with the criminal world while making crystal meth for his family’s future financial condition. But how he does these things and for how long, you need to watch this series on Netflix.

2. Dead to me 

Genera: Comedy

This is a dark comedy directed by Liz Feldman which starts from a scene where two grieving women meet during their therapy and feel an instant bond between them. This series reveals about friendship and secrets about their past. There are two main characters Jen and Judy which are played by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini respectively. 

3. The One 

Genera: Sci-Fi

The One is a science fiction series which blows your mind by giving you a glimpse of what the future can look like. A team of scientists successfully developed a formula to find your perfect partner with the help of your DNA. This is going to be so interesting yet not so your dream romantic series. This is one of the recent shows which just premiered this year in March.

4. Murder amongst the Mormons

Genera: Crime documentary

Murder amongst the Mormons is a documentary recently added to Netflix basically a true crime series based on Mark Hoffman who involved in notable forgeries and connected to Latter day Saint movement. This is small series comparatively from other series as it only has 3 episodes.

5. Fate: The Winx Saga-Season

Genera: Supernatural Fantasy

This is a teenage drama which is based on an animated series Winx on Nickelodeon. Fate is a supernatural fantasy starring Abigail Cowen which includes six episodes only. This one is personally my favorite as I am a big fan of supernatural series.

6. Bling Empire- One of the Underrated Netflix Series

Genera: Reality Show

What is more interesting than a reality show ,so I am adding Bling Empire to this list of amazing Netflix series as it approaches to the incredibly wealthy American-Asian and Asian societies from LA. This reality show includes different professionals like models, surgeon, Dj and investors. Bling Empire is going to be a fancy and most entertaining show for binge watching. 

7. History of the swear words

Genera: Educational Documentaries

This series is a kind of education yet so random which explains about the genesis of swear words, their history, culture and its impact on the society. This series features Nicolas Cage in his own wild and funny style. Don’t wait to watch it.