Amazon Prime Video Error Code 6084 and 6085: How to Fix?

PRime Videos Errors Resolving

How to Remove Error Code 6084 and 6085 on Prime Video

This article goes through the techniques which will be very helpful for common Amazon prime video error 6084 and 6085. Amazon prime video is the one stop solution for your entertainment needs. It plays a huge part in our daily entertainment quota. You can watch the latest and exclusive movies, TV shows and other content in high quality with basic internet usage. They also offer a 30 day free trial policy for its new customers who include fast delivery, ad-free music and unlimited access to your entertainment hub.

But yes there are errors which we face while streaming different online platforms. Errors can be avoided by implementing some techniques. The main reason for error 6084 to occur is due to no internet situation.  On the other hand error code 6085 appears as “problem occurred” unable to process your request. These both error codes can be easily resolved by following instructions given below.

Five steps to troubleshoot Prime Video error code 6084 and 6085.

1. Fixing your internet connection

First and easiest method to troubleshoot these errors is by fixing your internet connection. You need to close all tabs and shut down your device. Next step is to fix your internet to do so, please unplug your modem or router of your Wi-Fi box for one minute and plug it again. Now on your Wi-Fi and open Amazon prime videos again and enjoy your exclusive shows without any interruption.

2. Restart your device

Second step is easy breezy. You need to just restart your device to resolve the error 6084 and 6085. If you’re using Android TV go to the menu choose settings. Go to about and choose power. Now restart by clicking on Restart on button. In Apple TV choose settings in the menu. Click system and select restart. While using an Android phone, you can just long press the side key button and tap the restart option. Now you launch Amazon prime video fresh.

3. Use web version or browser

Third step is to use a browser to watch Amazon prime videos which does not just help you to avoid errors or even save your data .It is true that the web version can save you lots of data rather than the app version. Just go to the downloaded browser on your device now type the URL for Amazon prime videos – .Now login to your account and play your favorite movies. It is a great and easy option to solve this error code.

4. Redownload Amazon Prime video to resolve error 6084 and 6085

Fourth step is to install the prime video app again; there must be some technical issue with your recent app that’s why it shows errors. You need to delete your recent app and download a latest version app from your play store. After downloading you need to login to your account for an error free binge Watching. 

5. Contact customer service

These methods mostly resolve your errors if you follow them. These are some easy ways for your smooth and error free experience on Amazon prime videos. But, if you still find yourself stuck with these errors, it is the time to contact the customer service.

Hope we resolved your queries regarding error 6085 and 6084. Have a great day ahead.