Car detailing and its benefits

Car detailing and its benefits

Car owners want their vehicles to look their best at all times. Cars need a top-to-bottom cleaning to make them shine like a new vehicle, and car detailing refers to thoroughly cleaning the vehicle using specialised tools and products. The interior and exterior of the car are reconditioned during the detailing process. A car wash doesn’t clean the car thoroughly. Car wash is only a fraction of cleaning compared to detailing because it cleans the car superficially but doesn’t restore the vehicle’s condition. Auto detailing restores the paintwork by eliminating scratches and other marks on the car’s surface. 

Steps in auto detailing

Auto detailing consists of two processes. They are interior detailing and exterior detailing.

Interior detailing

The upholstery inside the car is thoroughly shampooed and vacuumed to remove the stains and dirt. A vacuum cleaner eliminates the dirt from tight areas and AC vents. The leatherwork of the car is scrubbed and conditioned to remove the dirt stuck to it. All the plastic and vinyl surfaces inside the vehicle are cleaned well. 

The glass in the interior is also cleaned with a glass cleaner and polished. The engine bay is cleaned by spraying pressure water to remove dust, grit and dirt. The area is wiped using a degreaser. All the plastic, rubber and silicone components are dried well and dressed to prevent cracking.

Exterior detailing

Exterior detailing begins with an exterior wash to remove as much dirt as possible. Soap softens the dirt and mud and lifts them off the surface. Detailers use unique cleaning products and brushes to clean the wheels and remove the dust and filth from the wheels, lug nuts and brake callipers. The entire car’s paintwork is washed and dried using washing mitts and soft microfibre towels. 

The paintwork is clayed using an automotive clay bar. The clay bar removes the dirt that was not released by soap. The tightly bonded dirt on the surface is removed, and the paint is polished to eliminate scratch marks. The polished paint is waxed to add a protective layer to the polish, and it seals the polish. It helps in restoring the shine of the car.

Benefits of auto detailing

Extends vehicle’s life: When the engine is clean, it runs smoothly and extends the vehicle’s life. The upholstery is clean and free of stains, and the paint lasts longer with no scratches and bubbles. 

Protects the exterior: Dust and debris collected on the surface can scratch the paint and make it look dull. Auto detailing removes the dirt and prevents scratches on the surface. A protective wax is applied to the surface to protect the paint.

Improves air quality: Dust collects inside the vehicle over time. The air conditioner and heater regulate the dust particles throughout the air. Auto detailing removes the allergens and dust from the vehicle’s interior and improves the air quality.

Increases the value of the car: Auto detailing process increases the value of the vehicle. Detailer removes all the debris and dust and keeps the car in immaculate condition. They enhance the vehicle’s appearance and impact the aesthetic value with the high-quality wax coating.

Eliminates odour: During the auto detailing process, dust and grime that causes a foul odour inside the car are removed. Detailers get rid of the smell by using an odour exterminator. The car’s interior smells good and makes people feel comfortable while travelling.

Car detailing is essential to protect the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The car feels like a new vehicle, and auto detailing provides better value for money. Driving a car in good condition makes people feel happy and satisfied.