The Top Advantages of Using Aluminium ute Trays

<strong>The Top Advantages of Using Aluminium ute Trays</strong>

An aluminium ute tray mounted on the back of your truck expands the load area while decreasing the vehicle’s overall weight. Most designs of aluminium ute trays include a fixed end mounted directly behind the cab and a variety of convenient tie-on points for various loads. Typically, three removable sides provide practical solutions for any loading operation. Aluminium ute trays are designed to accommodate a wide range of accessories such as ladder racks, toolboxes, draws, containers, and various types of canopies and bodies. Steel trays are about half the weight of alloy trays. It means that opting for aluminium will save you over 140kg. Below are the main advantages of using aluminium ute trays:

Storage Capacity Increase

Compared to the traditional well-side tray made of steel of a standard pickup vehicle or SUV, utes trays’ heightened storage accommodation makes it easy to carry long loads due to their practical and functional sizes.

Non-corrosive and durable

Aluminium is a rigid metal that can withstand knocks and scratches without rusting. You can paint them, but they also weather reasonably in their raw state and are easy to repair if necessary.

Cabin Options

With a wide range of aluminium ute trays available, you can match them to any cabin style. You can choose a standard design or a custom design for specific purposes, transforming your ute into your personalised transport unit that’s great for work or personal use.


The best approach to keep your tools and supplies safe is to keep them in lockable tool boxes. Each day, there is no need to transfer large products to and from your office. Ute trays may be installed in any portion of your vehicle, and the lockable containers provide safe and secure storage for your equipment.

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Because the ute tubs are factory installed, they have limited adjustability. Aluminium ute trays, on the other hand, may be customised to meet your specific demands. These trays have double-height sides and tie rails and are simple to install in your vehicle. 


A ute with an aluminium tray is a safe, inexpensive, and entirely practical accessory that will serve you well under any conditions, whether you’re a farmer, builder, plumber, electrician, or any other tradesperson. All of your gear is safe and secure with a lockable canopy or toolboxes. You can often drive directly to where you need to utilise heavy, avoiding the need to carry great distances. The toolboxes are built to last so that you may leave your goods there overnight or longer.

It is less costly and straightforward to replace the old tray on your ute or truck with a new aluminium tray. There are a variety of alternatives available to you; typically, the tray extends over the wheels, offering a significantly greater space than the factory-installed versions seen in most vehicles. You may choose the height of the tray and the length and breadth, up to the maximum authorised by the road transport department.


Aluminium ute trays are composed of heavy-duty aluminium and are designed to resist the rigours of daily utilisation on the farm or the construction site. The aluminium ute tray can survive weather conditions and never rust, no matter what kind of task you need them for. They don’t require painting and can transport massive objects. You may add a canopy, toolboxes, a ladder, overhead racks, and even water or fuel tanks. The trademarks of today’s contemporary aluminium ute trays are strength, safety, affordability, and durability.