Cleaning Myths: 6 Old-School Tips to Ignore

I should apologize in advance as this article might trigger you a little. We’ll debunk all the cleaning myths: 6 old-school tips to ignore that you’ve religiously followed. Some of these myths are seemingly older than time itself. They were probably handed from one generation until your grandma and mom finally handed them down to you.

Although these myths have rock-solid foundations in your family history, some of them might be damaging your home belongings than preserving them. So, it’s best to keep an open mind, learn about them now and save your household belongings. Here are some of the cleaning myths you should ditch without further ado.

The Lemon Myth

Remember how they made us think lemon slices can make your dishes shiny? It turns out that’s false. Lemon slices do not make your dishes shiny. If anything at all, they most likely stain your dishes.

If you want shiny dishes, do it the traditional way. Toss your dishes in a dishwasher and let it handle the rest. If not, try dishwashing by hand. Also, stop seasoning your cutting board with lemon and salt to clean it. Again, they do nothing by exhausting good energy that you should divert into other activities.

The Washing Machine Myth

I’m sure you’ve heard people casually say that you don’t need to wash your washing machine because it cleans itself automatically. Of course, it’s believable because you dump clothes in the machine and let soap and water make your clothes squeaky clean.

But the truth is, it doesn’t work like that. Your washing machine needs to be deep cleaned every once in a while. It doesn’t clean itself when you wash your clothes. Take out time to deep clean it- be good to the machine.

The Silver Cutlery and Kitchenware Myth

Almost everyone should have heard this. It sounds like a warning bell telling you never to wash your silver cutlery and kitchenware in the dishwasher. Otherwise, they would lose their effectiveness over time.

As a result, you’re advised to wash by hand. The truth is that washing your silver cutlery and cookware in your dishwasher does not harm it.

They’d still retain their quality- especially if they are high-quality kitchenware and cutleries. However, what you shouldn’t wash in the dishwasher is your knife. They’d become blunt.

The Vinegar Myth

Vinegar is popular in DIYs. It has become the hero of almost everything. So, in cleaning, you’ll hear people talk about how Vinegar is excellent for cleaning everywhere in the house. While Vinegar can be a suitable cleaning agent, it’s not the best option for every surface in your home. It is harsh and is a terrible cleaning option for tech devices and other items.

The Detergent Myth

You’ve probably been encouraged to pour more detergent while washing your clothes to make them cleaner. Well, that’s false. Too many detergents enable the hike in bacteria on your clothes, no thanks to suds.

The Vacuum Myth

You’ve heard it before- your grandma probably complains about how much vacuuming the carpet often will ruin it. For starters, her concerns are valid because the first generation of carpets and vacuum cleaners were not very good friends.

Vacuums easily rip carpets apart when you use them on carpets too much. But man has evolved, and so has technology. In essence, this myth is not outdated and inapplicable.