Top 6 tips for finding a cheap Nagoya apartment for rent

Finding a Nagoya apartment for rent can seem like an impossible task in the Japanese city’s expensive real estate market. As such, it is important to know what to look for when hunting for a deal that will suit your needs. This article discusses the top five tips that will help you find a cheap Nagoya apartment for rent.

1) Know Where You Will Be Living

Nagoya has a lot of different neighborhoods, so much so that it is often referred to as “The City of Trees. Many people believe that the best place to find a cheap apartment for rent in Nagoya is around the Midori-Ku area. However, this is not always the case. It is better to know where you will be living so you can look for an apartment close to your chosen neighborhood’s business or social center.

2) What is Your Budget?

The first rule of shopping for any kind of real estate should be to size up what you can afford before setting out to shop. Nagoya is no different. Just like any other city, you will find a range of properties and prices in this area. It is important to decide how much you can spend on rent before looking at properties.

3) Property Type

Nagoya has a large selection of property types that are available for rent. Rental prices differ greatly between these types and neighborhoods as well. Apartments in Nagoya tend to be more expensive than houses since the real estate business is primarily driven by condominiums and apartments. This is especially true if you will be living in the heart of the city.

4) Roommates?

If you are moving to Nagoya, chances are you will be living with a roommate or two, but this is not to say that everyone needs to live with a roommate. When choosing a place to live it might be possible to find an apartment for rent that has an extra room for rent as well. This option might be very convenient for foreigners who are new to the city, as it will allow them to live close to other like-minded individuals.

5) Internet Access

Internet access is very important if you want to live in a particular area. People generally go online for entertainment, relaxation, and also for research purposes. As such, internet access is something that should be considered when finding an apartment for rent or a house.

6. Transportation

Nagoya is a very large city. As such, it has a wide selection of transportation options that could make or break your life in the city. The first thing to do when looking for an apartment for rent or a house is to decide where you are willing to live in relation to your occupation, school, and other activities. Once you have decided this, it is time to look up the different forms of transportation available.

Be prepared to go house hunting multiple times before you find your ideal place. It is also a good idea to bring a friend, or even your roommate/s along with you to look at apartments for rent.