Deleena Kundra: Firstborn Of Raj Kundra

Deleena Kundra

Deleena Kundra is the daughter of Kavita Kundra, who is the ex-wife of British businessman Raj Kundra. They married in 2003 and divorced in 2006 because things were not going well between them. The daughter stayed with her mom, who raised her as a single parent. Now, as of February 29, 2024, she is 17 years old, as her date of birth is September 9, 2006. Deleena’s mother, Kavita, was born and raised in London. Deleena Kundra is also known as Shilpa Shetty’s stepdaughter.

The little girl Deleena was only 2 months old when her parents separated, and her mom did all of her upbringing alone. It is said that after she was born, her dad Raj Kundra did not meet her and did not appear interested in seeing her. The court handling her parents’ separation case allowed the father to meet his newborn daughter, but he decided to stay away from both the mother and child.

No doubt, things were really not good between the couple, and they seriously desired to separate and live independent lives. But we all know such things are far worse for the child as they cannot get the love from the missing parent, like Deleena might have felt a desire to meet her dad and know him more. Their feelings can only be understood by those who have been in the situation.

Deleena Kundra is currently studying in middle school and resides with her mother in London

Deleena was born in Mumbai, and later her mom moved to London with her only daughter after the divorce. Deleena’s maternal grandfather has a good business in London, and her mom has joined the business. Financially they are quite fulfilled, and Deleena has no lack of wealth. However, money cannot buy relationships. This is an emotional truth. She might have faced challenging times because of living without knowing much about her dad. Her ethnicity originates from the Punjab state in India. She is currently studying in high school in London and lives with her mom and granddad.

Deleena’s Father Raj Moved on with Shilpa Shetty After Divorce

After Raj Kundra divorced his first life partner Kavita Kundra, he moved on and married the glamorous actress Shilpa Shetty on November 22, 2009. Since then, Shilpa and Raj have been together, and Shilpa gave birth to their first kid, Viaan Kundra, in 2012. Shilpa Shetty, Deleena Kundra’s stepmother, decided to have another kid with the surrogacy technique, and that’s how Samiksha was born in 2020.

The abrupt divorce just after 3 years of marriage must have been very challenging for the whole family. The business tycoon Raj has been very busy with his work and family things. His family with 2 kids and spouse Shilpa is very cheerful for him as seen on social media. Shilpa is very active on her social media accounts and loves sharing her cute family moments with kids and husband. Shilpa has been accused of interfering in the marriage of Kavita Kundra and Raj Kundra.

Why Deleena’s Parents Divorced?

Her dad Raj Kundra recently shed light on this matter in an interview with Pinkvilla. He revealed that the marriage ended because he discovered Deleena’s mom Kavita Kundra was having a secret relationship with his brother-in-law, Vansh. Raj found messages between them that suggested they were having romantic and sexual relationship. This betrayal hurt Raj deeply, leading to the breakdown of their marriage. Raj also discussed how he tried to make things work but ultimately decided to end the relationship.

Kavita Kundra’s Present Relationship Status

After the divorce, Kavita Kundra appears to have moved on by establishing a construction company in the UK with Vansh, Raj Kundra’s brother-in-law. Raj mentioned in the interview that he had heard about Kavita’s new venture with Vansh, and he wished them well in their endeavors together.


Deleena Kundra is the firstborn child of Raj Kundra. She is 17 years old as of March 2024. She might have faced emotional challenges and a feeling of emptiness because she never met her dad. However, she is physically healthy and studies in middle school in London.