Lori Anne Allison: Depp’s Ex-Wife, Currently a Makeup Artist

Lori Anne Allison

Lori Anne Allison is known for being the wife of Johnny Depp, a successful Hollywood star who is known for his jaw-dropping performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. She married Johnny Depp all the way back in 1983, but it seems their relationship did not go well as they expected. Lori and Johnny signed their divorce agreement in 1985. It is apparent they took this serious decision with mutual understanding as stated by Lori in an interview.

Even though she was mostly known for being Johnny Depp’s wife, there is much more to know about her. You must be surprised to know that she was a brilliant beauty artist even prior to her relationship with Johnny Depp. While she is very underrated, she is actually much more capable than what we all know about her. It sounds crazy but she is the one who helped Johnny Depp to become a successful actor or film-star. In other words she acted as a bridge between Johnny Depp and his film career. In this article, we are going to discuss everything we know about her, from her personal life to biography, her hobbies to life achievements.

How Did Lori Anne Allison Meet Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp used to be a rock musician prior to his acting career and he was a member of a music band. Lori Allison was also a musician in Johnny’s music band and they both spent their time singing in the same music band, enjoying each other’s company. They decided to marry in 1983 as we discussed earlier. However, they realized they are not meant to be each other’s life partner in the long run, and eventually they separated.

How Did She Help Johnny Depp to Become an Actor?

She was a friend of Nicolas Cage Who is a famous producer and actor. Johnny met Nicholas Cage in a friendly meeting of Cage and Lori. During their casual meetup, they both become friends and then Cage motivated Depp to become a film star. From then Johnny started his career in the film industry and it made him so much popular. Therefore, we can say Lori landed a big helping hand in Johnny’s success.

Reasons Why Lori Anne Allison and Johnny Depp Divorced Each Other Within 2 Years?

It seems the conflict between their respective professions was the main cause of their divorce in 1985. She was a makeup artist and Johnny became a film star, and they might be having a hard time spending time with each other. They were newly wedded and Johnny became very busy with his acting career. Depp was very young at that time, he was only 20. Their young age could be another issue in their marriage as marriage in a very young age many time leads to divorce like situations. In such youth age, the judgement is very weak and our emotions and feeling goes through many changes. Lori must be very sad because Johnny was not able to focus on their married life after he started his career in the film industry. Not only that, Lori might also be very busy with her occupation, Makeup Artist. It seems they understood that they cannot be with each other like this for much longer, and eventually they signed the divorce letter. They have not shared the reason for their breakup officially other than that they mutually decided to separate. Whatsoever, they both remained good friends even after their judicial separation, and it shows they are happy without each other’s company.

Who is Lori Allison Apart from Being Johnny’s First Wife?

In her early life, she used to have an intense interest in the music industry and wanted to be a Music Producer. However, she could not pursue this career as she met with an incident from which she lost her left-side hearing, and we know how important the hearing capability is for music production. Even though she could not be a music producer, she focused on her other interests, make-up and grooming. Soon after she became a prominent makeup artist, nothing could stop her from getting success.

In short, Lori is a famous personality not only for being a film star’s ex-wife, but for being a successful makeup artist or beautician.

Lori Anne Allison’s Biography

Born on September 6, 1957, she has worked in a few movies, like Cyber Bandits (1995), Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991), as well as Acting on Impulse (1993). She is also known as Lori Anne Depp, and she shifted to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career to be a recording engineer. However, she began working as a make-up artist for television and films.

What Happened to Lori? What is She Doing Now?

She has been a famous and creative makeup artist up till now. Along with that, Lori also released a publication known as “Gimme Shelter”. This book is 176 pages long, and it is a type of photographic coffee-table book that portrays famous celebrities with their pets. The whole literature was prepared under 5 years and was released in 2013. Anne Allison and her sister have also been supporting dog and cat rescue organizations. She has been working with such non-profit organizations and helping them with neutering stray dogs and cats in order to prevent overpopulation of such animals. They both have been issuing funds for such public service companies.

In her beautician occupation, she has also launched a brand of lip gloss products called Serendeppity. You can check out her lip gloss or lip balm related makeup products on serendeppity.com.

How Old Was Lori Anne Allison When She Married Johnny Depp?

Lori Anne Allison was 25 years old when she wedded Depp, and that time Johnny was only 20. The little age gap was not a problem and they never ever considered it as an issue in their relationship. 20 was quite a young age for Depp to start such a serious relationship, and it might be a hidden reason for their divorce.

Who is Johnny Depp’s First Wife?

His first wife was a makeup specialist Lori Anne Allison. They married all the way back in 1983.

How Long Was Johnny Depp Married to Lori Anne Allison?

Their marriage lasted for 2 years. They ended their relationship in 1985 which was started in 1983.

Where is Lori Anne Allison from?

She is from the city of Miami in the Florida state, United States.

What Happened to Lori Anne Allison?

She has been living a beautiful and simple life since her divorce. She has been single since then and follows her passions, like makeup, rescuing pets, writing books, etc.

What is Lori Anne Allison’s Age?

Depp’s first wife, Lori, is 65 years old.

Is Lori Anne Allison on Instagram?

She has not created a profile on Instagram to date.

Lori Anne Allison Net Worth

She has not made anything public about her assets to the date. However, she must be owning at least a few millions if we combine every type of asset.