E-paper display: what it is and how to chose the best one

Soon we will witness thin paper sheets that are foldable and light, but fully digital at the same time. That’s the direction e-industry is going. But for now to our disposal we have an e-paper display solution known to many by its application in mobile digital book readers, for example. This is the closest resemblence to a real-deel paper sheet yet. But there’s more than one design, though. Want to know how to recognize the good stuff?

How does an e-paper work?

Most of these devices are products based on microscopic capsules that run in millions. These are white particles (positively charged) and black particles (negatively charged) which are placed in a special liquid. As a result an e-paper display doesn’t generate light like more traditional LCD contraptions – it rather reflects light.

When an appropriate electric charge is applied to a given point of the display, black particles will be attracted. In this way, pixels are formed which, in turn, can create precise shapes. Therefore, images and lettering shown on a display are more like a real ink that stays on the surface of a sheet. This effect requires electricity only in the begining, when a current page is loaded. To sustain the image no power is needed. This reduces the consumption of electric energy to absolute minimum and taht is why e-book readers last so long without charging.

Who specializes in this technology?

Currently, ther’s a few major players in the field. They are working on their own, more and more perfect concepts of e-paper solutions. The most reknown is the E Ink Corporation that supports most of ereaders and enotes available on the market. But there’s also the Orient Display company and it offers some of the best quality e-paper displays, too. What’s more these guys are ready to accomodate nearly every corporate need for e-paper solutions because they have displays with a wide size range from tiny 1.54” to quite impressive 7.50”. The resolution of their products is also something to boast about because it ranges from 200×200 to 800×480. So, as you can clearly see, this sector is opened for business and it’s going to stay opened for good.

How to choose the best e-paper display?

Size and resolution values are important, but one must also consider contrast capabilities. In this category only the best e-paper display can deliver clear high-level contrast that provides absolutely stunning quality of images and letters. Also, power consumption vary from model to model, so it’s a rerlatively good idea to ask about that while placing an order. Especially, if one’s interested in a corporate use on a bigger scale.