Get to know about apple watch repair

Apple Watch is a wearable device made to be a companion, so why would it break? That’s the million-dollar question. The most common reason for an Apple watch not working is that it has stopped syncing with the iPhone since its battery is dead and all data on the watch are lost. If this happens, then you will need to repair your apple watch and restore external data. Apple watch repair is necessary for recovering important data if the watch battery is dead.

How to repair an Apple watch?

1. Connect the charging cable to the Apple watch.

This is a simple step that you might have tried before. You just need to connect the charging cable to the Apple watch.

2. In iTunes, click on “Restore Backup of Apple Watch”.

You will notice that after you connect your Apple watch with the computer, there will be a new device listed in the left column of iTunes. The name of your Apple watch will appear immediately under devices as a little icon. When you left-click on it, then you can see some information about it such as its name, version and serial number. There is also an option for restoring a backup of the Apple Watch which we need to click on. If you don’t see this option there, then click on the Summary tab in iTunes and select the Restore Backup… option.

3. Choose the compatible backup file and click “Restore”.

After you hit the option to Restore Backup, iTunes will show you a list of available backups which were created on this computer with this Apple ID that is associated with your Apple Watch. The most recent backup will be at the top. To choose an older backup, just scroll down until you find the right one and then left-click on it. You can also open each backup to see its details, but here we only need to left-click on one of them to choose it as our backup file. Once selected, click Restore again in iTunes and wait for your Apple watch to restore from that selected data file under the Device Summary tab in iTunes.

4. Once your Apple Watch has been restored, click “Exit”.

You will see a message on your iTunes saying that your Apple Watch has been restored from backup and it is ready for use. Then you can click Exit and disconnect your cable from the computer, as well as from the Apple watch. Now, try to sync and restore to continue using the data synced over iCloud to your new device. If you want to restore specific data on the watch such as some apps or photos, then you can just transfer them manually by connecting the watch to iTunes and syncing it with the iPhone first before restoring it again with a backup file in iTunes.

In case you have a file containing all the data for your Apple Watch, then you can use it to restore the device and make sure all the settings and other stuff is saved from your previous backup. In this way, you can get similar results as restoring your Apple Watch from a backup on iTunes or iCloud. However, sometimes it doesn’t work so well and you might need in professional Apple watch repair service.