Tips for choosing a top balcony decking company

Balcony decking Singapore is a type of furniture that can be installed on your balcony or terrace. It’s a great way to get the outdoor living space you deserve even if you live in an apartment. Whether you have a private patio, an outdoor terrace, or just limited outdoor space on a balcony, we’ll help you find the perfect design for your space and budget. These decking designs are available in different materials and styles to suit every occasion.

Tips for choosing a top balcony decking company.

1. Does your balcony decking company offer free samples?

Yes. It’s a good idea to see the balcony decking samples before purchasing. You may also ask for a replacement if you do not like the design.

2. Do they have a secure storage facility to keep your new balcony decking safe?

You’ll need a secure storage area to keep your new balcony decking safe and dry in rainy weather. This is important as you don’t want your new balcony decking to get stained, torn, or otherwise ruined before you’ve even put it up on your space!

3. How long will it take for them to install your balcony decking? Have they had previous experience with balconies?

Do not choose a company that has had little experience working with balconies. You wouldn’t want to be someone’s first balcony project! Hire a company that has plenty of experience installing balcony decking. It’ll also help when the installation is over and you can ask them questions about what to do next and how your new decking went over.

4. What about their warranty?

A company’s warranty is important because you’ll want to know that if something happens to your top balcony decking in Singapore, you’ll get it fixed or replaced. Most companies give a ten-year guarantee on their workmanship, with some also offering up to a ten-year guarantee on the materials used in the process.

5. How do they clean up after the installation?

You don’t want to have a mess on your balcony and you don’t want to have to talk to your decking company all day. Find a company that has an excellent cleaning service and ask them how they will make sure that everything looks like new again. Review their work with other satisfied customers and compare their review ratings.

6. How much does it cost per square metre? Are there any hidden charges?

While you might be tempted to go for a cheaper option, it’s important that you’re getting what you pay for. Look for a top balcony decking in Singapore with the lowest per square metre price, even if it means spending more overall. There should be no extra charges added on top of the original quote.

7. How long does it take to receive your balcony decking for installation?

You will want to find a company that has reasonable lead times especially if you’ve chosen a layout that is not a standard pattern. If you’re ready to go and have discussed everything with their customer relations department, you can move forward quickly with the installation process.


While it may be more expensive to hire a balcony decking company, it’s worth every penny. It’s important to have the design and materials that you want, so your new balcony decking will look perfect. Your new decking can be installed on time, and if any problems arise or need attention in the future, it will not take a long time to get them resolved.