HEADLINE: How to Ensure Your Online Business is Safe


Would you know what to do if your business was hacked or had some kind of cyber-attack or ransomware attack? Are you clued up on the latest phishing scams and advanced kinds of malware that are popping up each day? Do you know how to properly and correctly protect your company data and online business?

Over the last few years, it has become apparent that more and more businesses are moving online – while this has made it easier for us to access these businesses, it also means that these businesses are now more vulnerable to online attacks and online hacks. It has been recorded that almost 60% of all small businesses that operate online have been hacked or experienced some kind of cyber-attack in their lives. Making sure that your company is being properly protected in terms of its security is one of the most important things any business owner should be focusing on in 2022. 

Many businesses turn to the professionals when they need better and more secure IT setups – having an IT Support Company who you can depend on to professionally and properly manage and monitor your network is one of the best things that a small or medium sized business can do. We spoke to TechQuarters who is a top IT Support Provider London businesses turn to with help managing their IT networks and infrastructure – they understand what kinds of security software are best to use for different setups and can proactively monitor your network to stop any kinds of attacks in their tracks. 

If you are interested in finding an IT Support Company to help you do the same thing, then we recommend reaching out to an IT Provider in your region or area – say for example your business is based in the United Kingdom, then you should look for providers of professional and trusted IT Support in London who can help integrate better security measures into your setup as well as provide your teams with training. This will allow your teams to be better equipped to spot fishy emails and links and reduce the risks from dodgy links being clicked within your company and opening up your business to a security threat. 

The good thing about having an IT Support Company to help you is that they are able to employ a number of methods that will ensure your business is better protected against online attacks and take the security aspect of your business into their capable hands. The first thing they will do is ensure that your network and data is secure and that your data is properly backed up on a secure online server. Having regular backups being done will ensure that, if for any reason, your data is lost or stolen then you will be able to quickly restore it with just the click of a few buttons. 

Your staff are also one of the biggest culprits of allowing threats to access company data – many employees are unaware of what risky links look like so educating and training them to understand and identify when a link should not be clicked or when an email looks like it might have a virus installed so that they do not click these kinds of links. 

If you ensure that you follow these few simple tips and partner with an IT Support Company that can properly protect your network and data, then you are on the right track to securing and protecting your online business. Being prepared is the best kind of defence you can have so putting in the right amount of time and effort to ensure your infrastructure is secure can go a long way in ensuring the success of your business.