Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain

Do you wake up feeling worse than when you went to bed? Sleep is a crucial part of everyday life and is necessary to live. When we struggle to sleep well or wake up in pain it can severely impair life and how we function. 

Back pain is often caused by more minor things like stress, bad sleeping positions, or poor posture. If you already deal with back issues or worry about them later in life, you may want to find the perfect sleeping position to help prevent or alleviate that threat. Find out what the best sleeping position for back pain is by reading more below.

1. Side Style

Sleeping on your side is one of the best sleeping positions for back pain when you use additional support. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees and on your side will help keep your spine aligned with your hips and pelvis. And if you find there’s a gap by your waist, you may want to add a small pillow there. 

The support from using a pillow can help alleviate issues like back pain. But be sure you are switching sides so as not to initiate problems like scoliosis or a muscle imbalance. 

If you have lower back pain or pain that feels specific to certain issues, you might want to consult with a physician. You can click here to learn more about back issues and what your pain might mean. 

2. Disc Distress

If you want back pain relief related to a herniated disc, there is another good position on your side. Try curling into the fetal position on your side. Doing this slowly will help prevent further pain.

By curling your body in this way, you open your spine up more and can relieve some of the pressure. Like with the first position, don’t forget to switch the side you mainly sleep on if this position works for you. 

3. Back to Back

Sleeping on your back is a great way to sleep, and can help your spine stay straight and avoid unnecessary pressure or bending. However, this position doesn’t always work for everyone. And it is not a good choice if you’re pregnant.

If you want to try sleeping on your back, try adding a pillow under your knees. 

Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain

One of the biggest take aways from learning about the top sleeping position for back pain is that it can depend on your body. Back pain may be due to any number of things, including how you sleep. And not every sleeping position will work.

Try some of these out for a week or so and see how it goes. You can always adjust or change your mind about what works best for you and your body.

Don’t try and force a sleeping position on yourself if it isn’t going well. You could end up hurting yourself more. And if this helped you better understand how to sleep with back pain, keep reading for more good info.