How Chartlogic EHR software is better than Charmhealth EHR!

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How CharmHealth is a better EHR?

Charmhealth EHR is an online Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management, and Medical Billing solution. Charm EHR is certified for ‘Meaningful Use’ by Drummond Group under the ONC-ATCB program. Physicians using the amazing Charmhealth EHR are eligible to receive incentives under ARRA. The software lets you set up appointments, send out pre-appointment questionnaires, and record patient visits using SOAP notes. It also allows you to keep complete information regarding the patients’ medical conditions. Templates that can enable doctors to record patient visits quickly will allow them to focus more on the patients.

Charm Health is entirely customizable to help you practice workflow. Beginning with access control based on roles and a customizable dashboard, Charm allows practices to expand features as they develop and only pay for the services they require. Practices can also create their intake questionnaires and forms, which patients can complete before their visits. Charm Health is an ONC MU 2015 Certified cloud-based EHR practice management and medical Billing solution that assists healthcare organizations from large multi-specialty organizations to smaller medical offices independent of operation.

Some of the highlighted features of Charmhealth EHR are:


The Charm EHR has the highest intuitive interface that can be used with a touch interface and is available on tablets and iPads. It’s exceptionally adjustable and adapts to your specific needs rather than adjusting your practice to an EHR.

Automatic solution:

With Charm, you can start with a small amount and increase the size when your practice grows. Charm provides a fully-featured solution that can handle growing thousands of patients in your practice.

Customer Care Supportive:

Charm believes that getting a client is just half the battle, the real fun and challenge is making sure that the customer is happy. They also provide live support, and they provide these services 24/7.


The Charm EHR runs on the Zoho cloud, a tried and tested cloud-based platform with more than 7 million users. The data is replicated to disaster recovery sites, ensuring that you will not suffer data loss because of natural disasters. Additionally, the information is backed up regularly and weekly according to the best practices in the field.

HIPAA and HITECH complaint:

Charm EHR is completely HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant, meeting the requirements of the government regarding data transmission and storage.

Patient Portal:

A portal for patients can facilitate increased involvement in the treatment process and improve communication between the patient and provider, resulting in better outcomes. Patients can make an appointment or fill out pre-visit questionnaires. Patients can also communicate securely with their care team via their patient portal.

Mobile access:

Mobile technology allows access to information closer to the place of service. It will enable communication among the members of the care team in real time. Additionally, Charm also offers native apps for patient Kiosks and appointment scheduling. Numerous other apps are being developed to make your practice efficient and collaborative.


Overall, reviews show that It’s a sleek program with an easy-to-use interface. It is clean with a simple, user-friendly dashboard. But also, It’s not fully compatible with all browsers, and if they can fix that, it will be flawless.

How Chartlogic is a better Software?

ChartLogic is a Division of Medsphere Systems Corporation that offers an ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical records practices management and revenue cycle management, E-Rx, patient portal, and more. The Software captures the clinical encounter digitally without having you modify your workflow.

That is why many have entrusted the superb ChartLogic EHR with their paper-free office requirements. With the combination of robust and user-friendly technology with the tool you’ve had for years, ChartLogic has helped make charting more efficient. ChartLogic’s EHR Software is a 2015 Edition compliant and was accredited by an ONC-ACB according to the relevant certification standards adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

This certification is not an endorsement from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Created to speed and improve effectiveness ChartLogic’s EHR Software / EMR Software provides the most current tools for patients and practices, allowing you to be less tangled with large Software and more time working with patients.

What are the features of Chartlogic?

Browser Agnostic:

Users can access the Software across operating systems and browsers when delivered in the cloud.


With E-Prescribe, a patient’s medication orders can be sent electronically to the pharmacy.

Patient Information:

All the information about the patient, including their demographic details and history, can be accessed from this section of the dashboard.

Electronic Labs:

EHR labs enable providers to process lab orders, view results, create test groups for common tests, and build reports in one centralized location.

Voice Dictation:

With Precision Voice technology, clinicians and administrators can take notes and complement their workflows.

Patient Tracker:

Patient tracking lets users know where patients are in their treatment, how long they’ve been waiting, etc.


ChartLogic EHR leverages AI-enabled applications such as voice dictation to streamline workflows to improve interoperability. It has standard and custom API/HL7 interfaces that enable physicians to connect to other currently used systems.

Reviews On Charmhealth and ChartLogic:

It is easy to use. It seems to be following an orderly pattern and loads quickly. It’s not a lot of mouse clicks are required to get around. The program isn’t always user-friendly and requires onboarding.

Charmhealth EHR vs Chartlogic EHR:

The healthcare industry is experiencing a transformation from paper-based to digital records. The healthcare sector has witnessed an influx of new EHR software providers.

Chartlogic EHR has made its way into the healthcare space and provides intuitive support for physicians, nurses, and office staff with a patient portal that helps them manage their patients’ care. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and features innovative solutions for doctors who constantly need access to their patient data.

While charmhealth EHR can be seen as a direct competitor of Chartlogic in providing EHR solutions for things like electronic health records, billing, and insurance information management, charm health also offers innovative solutions.


Which is the best e-health software provider? The decision to switch between two platforms can be overwhelming. You have to choose the right company and make sure their Software will work for you. We discuss all facts which are mandatory to Choose the right company by selecting which Software offers the features you need. charmhealth is a top provider of medical records, making it easier for physicians to take care of patient records. Chartlogic offers industry-leading e-health software and a team that can help you implement it. We hope you choose the best.