It’s Looking Like This Pandemic Will Be Done Soon

It’s Looking Like This Pandemic Will Be Done Soon

Things are Looking Up

It seems like this COVID storm is finally starting to pass! As is the case with everyone, life has been difficult since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve taken a few financial hits, haven’t seen my closest family members, and have had to put some of my aspirations on hold. 

Still, there is a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Here are just a few things I plan to do once the pandemic is over — it will all be a breath of fresh air!

Trying My Hand at Stand-Up Comedy

Ever since I attended my first stand-up comedy show as a teenager, I’ve adored the art of making people laugh. Back in college, I even tried out a routine once or twice, but was never amazing at it—in fact, most of the laughs I got were probably out of pity!

During the height of COVID, I had the time to watch quite a few stand-up routines and decided to give it a shot once again. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve written a long list of jokes and have been refining them little by little. Hopefully I’ll be able to test them out on a crowd sooner rather than later!

Resuming Tai Chi Classes

Before the pandemic, I took a lot of Tai Chi classes to ground myself and calm my anxiety. Once the lockdowns were instated, I tried to stretch and exercise at home, but it just didn’t feel the same all alone.

Now, I’m going to savor the Tai Chi experience even more by enjoying it socially again—no more meditating alone! There is something absolutely irreplaceable about being part of a social environment when you exercise; it just isn’t as fulfilling when you aren’t surrounded by other people. I can’t wait to make new friends and reach my inner peace!

Bettering My Appearance

Sometimes, I feel as though the pandemic has accelerated time! My face has begun to wrinkle and sag, and my hair is starting to go gray, so I now look a lot older than I actually am. In my opinion, the stress of the pandemic is the main culprit.

I don’t want to keep looking worn out, so when the pandemic is finally over, I plan on addressing these wrinkles with a mini facelift. Additionally, I’m going to invest in some jet-black hair dye and a new electric razor—my beard has gotten unruly and could use a good grooming!

Grilling with my Family Again

Of everything the pandemic has prevented me from doing, not being able to see my family has been the most difficult. I miss cooking up juicy steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs on the grill in the backyard, and having my kids, nieces, and nephews run around and play games.

I’ve asked some of my closest family members to visit, but even though it has been almost three years since the start of the pandemic, they still don’t feel comfortable getting together. Of course, I understand—safety should be everyone’s top priority. Still, I can’t wait to reunite very soon; looking at the recent news, it seems as though the virus is on its way out!

Volunteering to Help Those Most in Need

I’ve decided that, once COVID is over, I’m going to volunteer my time and resources to those who need help. Maybe I can become a mentor for people who need guidance on this rollercoaster of life or become a youth pastor and help children and teenagers get on the right track. Alternatively, I can help out at the local soup kitchen and feed the homeless, or volunteer at an old folks’ home for elderly patients with Alzheimer’s, like I did a few years ago.

I’ve always loved to give back to the community. Knowing that you’ve helped someone who needed a hand is one of the most fulfilling, rewarding feelings a person can experience. I can’t wait to get back out there and volunteer!