How Heat Can Drain Your Mental Health

How Heat Can Drain Your Mental Health

Did you know that high temperatures affect your mental well-being? Extreme heat causes mental discomfort and mental drain. We only associate summer with fun times and forget how the summer heat can impact our mental health. In reality, the intense heat that’s common during summer sends many people to the emergency because of mental health emergencies. Studies have linked irritability, depression, memory loss, and unhealthy attention span to extreme heat conditions. What’s more, heat worsens different mental health symptoms. 

Read on to understand how heat drains our mental health and what we can do to keep the temperature in our homes or office at a healthy level.

Heat and Mental Drain 

Frequent exposure to intense heat impacts our mental comfort. People diagnosed or suffering from mental illness are particularly vulnerable to intense heat. It’s even worse for people on anti-depressants. These medications negatively affect how their body deals with heat regulation. Therefore, exposure to too much heat may worsen depression symptom or leads to heat-related deaths. Dementia affects an individual’s ability to avoid extreme heat exposure. Irrespective of whether you have a mental illness or not, too much heat can may anyone feel uncomfortable. It causes mental drain, extreme distress, anger, and sadness. It causes dehydration which leads to a mental drain. Also, too much heat may cause heatstroke. It may progress to irritability, confusion, delirium, or violent behavior. This can happen to anyone. Hence, it is vital to maintain a healthy temperature in our indoor spaces. Keep in mind to also have a RO water filter installed and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

So, how can we maintain a healthy temperature level in our homes and offices?

Programable Thermostat 

You need a programmable thermostat to efficiently control the temperature levels in your home. You can do it remotely which will help conserve energy bills. A programmable thermostat lets you have your desired temp levels within a short time. You don’t have to manually go and set it up yourself. Place the programmable thermostat near a place with high traffic or a high functioning room. If you’re thinking of replacing your HVAC equipment, consider pairing your new HVAC with a programmable thermostat. Besides, the programmable thermostat will let your HVAC work efficiently. 

Insulate and Seal Your Home or Office

Check whether the insulation and seals in your home are worn out before swapping your HVAC. If your home is not insulated or sealed well, it can let in heat during summer or cold air during winter. You’d want to protect your household from extreme heat by insulating your home.  

Fan Your Home or Office

Get a ceiling fan for your home or office. They will provide a constant breeze that will help cool your home in the mid of intense summer heat. Ceiling fans distribute cool and warm air evenly throughout your home or office. Besides, it’s an energy-efficient and affordable option compared to a centralized AC unit. You can also let it work together with a central HVAC for an optimal indoor temperature. It can also beautify your space. Remember to pick the right size for each room. You can also get a tower fan for your home or office. Since it provides direct cooling, you can place the tower fan in the lounge area, bedroom, or living room. What’s more, it is stylish and sleek. It can easily fit any spot in the bedroom or the living room. Invest in bathroom fans too. They can help maintain healthy moisture and temp levels. Don’t forget to clean your fans regularly for optimal results. 

Treat and Dress Your Windows

Window treatments add a layer of protection from the scorching sun. It prevents heat gain when it is hot and heat loss during the cold season. When summer approaches, shut the curtains, drapes, or blinds to prevent direct sunlight in your home or office. Heavy dressing on the window reduces heat gain by 45%. On top of that, using window treatment is a low-tech and cost-effective way to maintain a cool home during the summer. If your windows have slats, tilt them upwards to let in less sunlight. Use landscaping to provide additional shade or window cover. 

Wrap Up

With rising temperatures, it’s time to invest in programmable thermostats and other home cooling gadgets to maintain a comfortable and productive environment. You cannot control the seasons, but you can control temperature levels in your home.