Exercises for a Summer Body without Going to the Gym

Exercise can be convenient anywhere without going to the gym. To exercise, you do not have to go somewhere or adjust your affairs to the training schedule. You also do not need to buy expensive sportswear. To get started, a pair of dumbbells, a mat, and a regular chair are enough. Finding 2-3 hours for the road and visiting a fitness club is sometimes difficult, but 20-30 minutes for exercising at home for video lessons can always be allocated. At home, you can exercise even when the child is sleeping.

Basic recommendations on the way to the summer body

Be organised. Plan your workouts in your diary and stick to the plan. Leave the right amount of time for sports. Training on the residual principle will not lead to anything good. Leave time for rest, after sports exercises the body must recover.

Adjust the load. Adequately assess your level of training and do not drive your body with planks and multiple sets. The first exercise should take place at a moderate pace, with a gradual increase in intensity. This will allow the body to adapt to stress. Too hard intense training instead of a beautiful body can weaken the immune system. This is the path to fatigue, frustration, and refusal to exercise.

Practice regularly. It is important not to interrupt exercises. It is easy to lose fitness, but it is more difficult to restore it. Already 10 days after the cessation of training, aerobic performance worsens – the body’s ability to absorb, transport, and use oxygen during exercise decreases. Gradually, muscle mass is lost.

Optimal exercises at home

The choice of exercises depends on how quickly you want to get a summer body. Build muscle mass, lose weight, develop endurance? Depending on the goal, you need to build a training program. The main thing is not to start training without a warm-up. It helps not only to warm up the muscles and speed up the metabolism but also psychologically tune in to fitness. Warm-up exercises should be performed at a measured pace, without sudden movements. In addition, the key to success is the correct technique for performing exercises. Everything is important here, from the adoption of the starting position to the slightest nuances. You can add some rubber lock tiles at home to make it easier for different exercises and make you feel like you’re at the gym.

Cardio workout

In addition to strengthening the heart muscle, increasing endurance, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system, such exercises are aimed at weight loss. All dynamic exercises are suitable: jumping, push-ups, twists, squats, and cyclic sports: running, swimming, cycling. If pedalling is very hard for you, choose a motorized motor kit. By its design, the bike is practically no different from the usual. The main feature is the motor. With its help, a comfortable ride is provided, the movement becomes fast, not requiring special physical activity for the first time.

It is essential to monitor the pulse. It is not recommended to train with a pulse over 150 beats per minute, for example, a spin class on an exercise bike. Such a load is excessive for a beginner amateur athlete.

Strength training for beginners

Without such exercises, you can’t get a beautiful summer body. They strengthen muscles, cartilage, joints. Recommended exercises: push-ups (a good warm-up exercise that also increases physical endurance), pull-ups, bodyweight work, and light weights, such as dumbbells. The load in training should be alternated. For example, if you work out 2 times a week, in the first workout, focus on the legs and abs. In the next workout, pump the muscles of the chest, back, and arms.

It is important to understand that a beginner should not start with high power loads. It is preferable to start with cardio. When the body is already adapting to the training process, connect strength exercises.

Final word

To avoid inaccuracies, it is recommended to perform exercises in front of a mirror or to video the workout and watch the video, evaluate your technique, and notice mistakes. However, the best option is to engage in programs developed by experienced professional trainers specifically for beginners. Trainers explain each exercise in detail, explain possible nuances, and warn against typical beginner mistakes. In a word, they do everything so that training at home is for you with maximum benefit.