How tall is Miles Teller? What’s His Height?

How Tall is Miles Teller

Miles Teller’s height is 6 feet and 1/2 inch. He is 184.2 cm tall in centimeters. Popular rich people always become part of constant discussions, and rumors over their relationships, affairs, networks , heights, etc. 

This blog is written to share information about Miles teller, an ambitious American actor widely known for his slaying looks and height. Let’s explore more about him. 

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Who is Miles teller? 

An independent American actor Miles Teller has been established as a popular actor at the early age of 21. He did his schooling at leconte high school. He was born in the downing town and then moved to Florida at the age of 12, recently he is living in US. Miles teller belongs to a rich family, his father Mike teller is famous as nuclear power plant engineer. He has excitingly spent his life because of his father’s postings and four fathers’ origin. His family always praised him for his abilities and supported him in whatever he aimed. He got full support from his mother, father, and sisters. 

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How did Miles Teller become famous? 

Miles teller was always interested in dancing, singing, and acting. He was responsible when he was just 12. With the passing years, he develops interest in the school drama club and started learning saxophones, drums, and piano guitar. He loved learning theatre and film and participated in small drama activities. 

He has done various films like a rabbit hole, and in 2013, he was featured in the spectacular now. He got placed in the film whiplash. Where he impressed her jazz teacher. He got recognition for playing Peter hayes in divergent. He played the best role in fantastic four, war dogs. In 2017, got popularity with 2 biopics only thing is brave, thank you for your service. He becomes widely famous with the drama series – too old to die young on Amazon prime video. 

Miles teller was majorly famous for his lean, charming body and fascinating smiles which act as an influence on his loyal fans. 

Films by Miles teller 

  • Rabbit hole 
  • loseloose 
  • Whiplash 
  • Awkward mom nightightnight stand 
  • Fantastic four 
  • The divergent side 
  • Only the brave 
  • 2 biopic’s 
  • Topgun, spider head 
  • Artworkrkdwark + the gorge 

Awards and achievements of Miles Teller 

  • Chlotrudis awards 
  • Sundance film festival 
  • Alliance of women journalists 
  • Indiana film journalists association 
  • MTV movie awards 
  • Napa Valley film festival 
  • Cineuphoria awards 
  • Georgia film critics associatBAFTAAAFTA 
  • Gotham independent film awards 
  • Satellite awards 
  • MTV movie awards 
  • Cinema con awards 
  • Teen choice awards 
  • nearbyeaeby awards 
  • TeeChoicece 
  • Hollywood critics association 

Personal life 

According to reports and inter, views Miles teller was in a long relationship with a model named keleigh sperry. In 2017 we get engaged wmorelori safari. It was seen he become more compassionate and loyal after marrying her revealing his love for her wife. 


Famous personalities are always a major part of discussions and rumors majorly for their hard work, achievements, and popularity. 

This blog also shares information about one of the most prominent American actors, Miles Teller, who established himself as the most respected celebrity with his hard work, talent, and charm. Hope our readers will get the best from the blog.