Top 8 Funky T-Shirt Designs You Can Customize Online

If you think getting into the fashion industry means designing dresses for the runway, then you’re wrong. Creating cool t-shirt designs is also  fashion, and it’s a pretty popular business these days. The global market for custom t-shirt design printing will be worth US$3.1 billion by 2025 according to a recent study.

Indeed, graphic t-shirt design is one of the most popular wearable clothing items in the world and most of us own at least one t-shirt. It’s easy to choose the best t-shirt design online that expresses your personality. But what if your favorite characters or brands didn’t have shirts yet?

If you’re a creative soul who wants to design custom t-shirts, then this post is for you. With so many t-shirt design ideas out there, it’s hard to choose one. From classic logo t-shirt designs to graphic t-shirt design ideas—it’s all on our list. Create one and make your wardrobe complete.

How Can You Make the Best T-shirt Design Online?

Most custom t-shirt design companies print their designs on a t-shirt. It’s an easy process that only requires a design, a t-shirt, and a printing machine. Aside from that, it’s faster to produce more t-shirts in a nick of time. It’s also less expensive than embroidery, which is perfect if you’re just starting.

Alternatively, you can also do t-shirt design embroidery. It’s a versatile technique since you can get a lot of clothing embroidered. But, it’s a long process and requires more people to get the job done. That makes it more expensive than t-shirt design printing. Plus, it will be hard to read the small letters in your design.

Consider these best t-shirt printing techniques:

  • Screen printing
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Heat press printing
  • Direct to garment (DTG)

Your graphic t-shirt design ideas should support your goal. Use basic design concepts to connect with your audience and convey your message. Aside from that, you should also follow the best practices for custom design printing, including:

  • Ideas and inspiration. If you want to design custom t-shirts, you should know the different visual approaches. By looking at a variety of t-shirt ideas, you can gain a sense of the style you want to use for your own design.
  • Images. For a T-shirt design, use a vector image file type (except for photos). You can resize vector picture files without sacrificing quality. By doing so, you can make sure that your final design will be clear and sharp.
  • Printers. Printers play a crucial role in t-shirt printing, and there are various options available to choose from. Some popular choices include direct-to-garment (DTG) printers like the Brother GTX and the Epson SureColor F2100, as well as direct-to-film (DTF) printers such as the Prestige R2 DTF printer. These machines allow for high-quality and vibrant designs to be easily transferred onto t-shirts and other garments, making them a staple in the custom apparel industry.
  • Size. Place the graphic t-shirt design in the upper half of the printable area if it’s equal or horizontal. You can ignore this rule when you want to highlight the belly.

Also, use the t-shirt design tools and software that you are most familiar with. You can also use the resources of an online t-shirt design maker if you’re not familiar with any. Look for the best t-shirt design websites. These will help you create your own design, even if you’re not an expert in graphic design.

T-shirt Design Ideas You Can Customize Online

People choose specific designs on a t-shirt because the message resonates with them. Not only that but they also look at the design aesthetic. But how do you match these two? Create these fashionable styles by looking through these t-shirt design ideas. 

Company T-shirt Design

Wearing a corporate t-shirt promotes your company wherever you go, like a wearable business card. For a company shirt, you’d want your design to capture people’s attention. 

Focus on a stylish design. Remember that you’re trying to let people remember the name of the company. But don’t make it look like an advertisement. Choose visuals, understated language, and a distinctive layout. Color schemes allow your logo t-shirt design to express the company’s individuality.

  1. B&W

A black and white combination has always been popular for a company t-shirt design. That’s because dark color schemes are easier on the eyes when used in a logo t-shirt design. Before you begin designing your black and white t-shirt, find some inspiration online.

  1. Single Color Designs

You may have considered how single color designs will go with your clothing when creating your t-shirt. A one-color style makes your company t-shirt design stand out more.

Event T-Shirt Design Ideas

The ideal keepsake for significant occasions in life is a t-shirt. And an event t-shirt design helps maintain a feeling of community. A single print t-shirt design can help you convey your message. You can either use a combination of words and images or typography.

  1. Bold Statements

Advocating for something significant gave rise to this printed t-shirt design. Create a message that encapsulates the idea you wish to convey. Incorporate a sans-serif font, keep the design minimal, and use colored text. Some t-shirt design websites provide a collection of free minimalistic fonts you can use for this. Take advantage of that.

  1. Illustrative Figures

These graphic t-shirt design ideas are now a go-to as digital drawings become more popular. They give your t-shirt the right bit of humor and personalization. You can style it as a realistic shirt design or an abstract one.

Sports Club T-Shirt Design Ideas

As you have noticed, each sports team has different typefaces. They also have distinctive team color schemes that reflect their values. That’s because it’s easier to remember their names this way.

If you’re looking for any t-shirt design ideas for a sports team or club, consider the following:

  1. Multi-colored Words

A burst of brilliant hues exudes positivity more than anything else. Include some color in your text-based t-shirt designs. Consider placing curving lettering above a team logo. Along with displaying the team logo on the front, you can also use the back of the shirt to make it more uniform.

  1. Large Scale Prints

Although the minimalist design trend is popular, it’s going the other way this year. Fill the entire printable area with your graphic t-shirt design. This might be a design that combines text and an illustration. You can also try different typefaces since legibility won’t be a problem.

Organization T-shirt Design Ideas

Organization t-shirt design ideas focus on stirring people’s emotions. These t-shirt layouts and color schemes are more practical. Consider it more of a statement shirt than a promotional item for your brand. People will begin to link your brand to this cause if your tagline is strong enough.

  1. Animal Portrait Designs

The versatility of an animal graphic t-shirt design is what makes it so popular on social media. You can either use photos as your reference or you can also use a t-shirt design template. Work it out to come up with your desired vector image.

  1. Doodle Artwork Designs

More playfulness is always welcome in both your daily life and your outfit. Design custom t-shirts with thin lines, wavy lines, and shapes of different sizes. Get creative with the forms and the way you represent them with your linework. Design on a t-shirt design maker without ever using the “undo” or “erasure” buttons.

Be a Trendsetter With These T-shirt Design Ideas

The future is pretty clear: print will still be a vital part of the clothing industry. With t-shirt ideas and a blank canvas at its core, that means there are more opportunities than ever. So get thinking—what do you think is next?

No matter what your personal tastes or interests are, there is a t-shirt design waiting for you. And you can have all those shirts printed on demand in a few minutes. A couple mouse clicks, and you’re on your way to the coolest t-shirt collection around. There’s no telling what creative combinations you might come up with.

With customization options from the best t-shirt printing website, you can go above and beyond. Impress your friends with a design that puts you in the spotlight. After all, why go for conventional when you can go trendy instead?