How Trails Carolina Helps Their Students Stay Caught Up Academically

<strong>How Trails Carolina Helps Their Students Stay Caught Up Academically</strong>

(alt-text: Trails Carolina has an academic program set up to help students stay caught up in school.)

Enrolling in a residential treatment center like Trails Carolina can help in numerous ways. Teenagers who need assistance getting their life back on track and handling various issues can receive help with the right setup. However, with so much focus on therapy, other parts of life can fall behind.

For Trails Carolina, they strive never to let that be an issue. Students enrolling in their Wilderness therapy program get help emotionally, socially, and academically. Students have a chance to catch up, maintain, or even surpass academic expectations while enrolled.

A Helpful Learning Environment

Students may find learning easier in a wilderness therapy program. Academics at Trails Carolina offer a traditional classroom setting, allowing students to focus on schoolwork. Having a traditional classroom also helps the transition back home be smoother.

Accredited Academics

According to their website, Trails Carolina understands the importance of offering fully accredited academics. They have a Cognia Accredited Academic Program, which allows students to transfer credits earned back home.

They integrate their academic curriculum with their therapeutic approach. New students commonly come in with a history of disciplinary issues at school, lackluster grades, or outright refusal to attend. 

Trails students attend class while on campus, and a more individualized focus avoids the change of getting overlooked.

Transferable School Credits

Getting any type of school credit is a bonus for a program that doesn’t last that long. Their students have a chance to earn a total of three credits that they can use towards graduation.

One Full credit is available in Adventure Education. There’s also half a credit available for Health and Wellness, World Literature, History, and Environmental Studies. These credits can help get closer to graduation and can help lower the workload after returning home.

Certified Staff

Every teacher employed by Trails Carolina is fully certified. They also specialize in working with unique learning needs. This means they can help students who might need more personalized assistance along the way.

Teachers are available outside the traditional classroom setting to give their students more attention when needed. Underperformance can be supported in various ways, getting a student on the right path sooner rather than later.

The goal for the teaching staff is to get every student passionate about education in their own ways. This means finding subjects they excel in, giving them the confidence to learn successfully, and preparing them for traditional school once they return. 

With this in mind, parents can know that the staff in charge of education at the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program are certified teachers.

Practical Education

Along with traditional school subjects, there are daily lessons that focus on personal wellness as well. This is to help engrain in a student’s mind that there needs to be a focus on better nutrition, stress reduction, improved sleep, and more.

From a mental health standpoint, some of the little things can make a huge difference in the overall mood of a student. This type of education isn’t found in a traditional school setting, as it’s only about academics. Learning never stops at Trail Carolina, making well-rounded young men and women.

Hands-On Learning

Traditional schools offer field trips every so often during the school year. At Trails Carolina, every day can, in some way, feel like a field trip. There are hands-on lessons from Science Steve, the Science Field Studies Program leader. 

This is a chance for students to connect and understand a variety of animals in the wild. He also helps make science fun by introducing functional energy conservation and related topics. 

Having a different way to learn instead of being stuck in a classroom the entire time keeps teenagers engaged.

Using What’s Learned Back Home

Education at Trails Carolina is one thing, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference if what was learned can’t be used back home. The goal of Trails Carolina is to build quality habits that can be transferred back home to the home classroom.

Confident students who have seen success at Trails Carolina can have much more success once they get back home. Understanding the basics of learning ensures that a teenager won’t get behind. 

They strive to give them the individualized attention they need now so they won’t need it later, helping them function more independently.

All in all, Trails Carolina is well known as a quality wilderness therapy program. However, the educational side deserves proper recognition for doing everything they can to keep academics important.

Is Trails Carolina The Right Choice Academically

According to Trails Carolina’s website, they have put in the time and energy to give teenagers the best opportunity to learn while at their program in North Carolina. It’s a well-rounded curriculum that ensures students aren’t falling behind in the classroom.

Receiving credits is one thing, but it’s just as important to be ready to go and earn what’s needed to graduate after returning home. Developing good habits and focusing on academic growth sets students to become the best version of themselves.