Jann Mardenborough Wife: His Relationship Status is Private

Jann Mardenborough Wife: His Relationship Status is Private

The movie Gran Turismo‘s protagonist racing champion Jann Mardenborough is a man of mystery when it comes to his love life. Despite his recent Netflix movie that portrays his fictional girlfriend named Audrey, Jann has chosen to remain quiet about his present or past real-life relationship status. In fact, he’s never publicly confirmed or denied dating anyone!  While there were rumors of a connection to fashion designer Sophie Hulme in 2018, nothing concrete ever emerged. It seems Jann prefers to keep the spotlight firmly on his racing career, leaving fans to wonder about his personal life. He is the real-life sigma male who focuses solely on his own career and hobbies rather than paying attention to chicks. Jann Mardenborough is all about chasing checkered flags, not chasing ladies. He is a total gearhead, proving himself a real-life sigma behind the wheel.

Jann Mardenborough is a racing driver who won Nissan’s PlayStation GT Academy competition in 2011. He has competed in various racing series including British GT Championship, Blancpain GT Series, FIA Formula 3 European Championship, GP3, Super GT and Super Formula. Mardenborough didn’t begin racing with a traditional motorsport background. His success came from his video game skills. He won Nissan’s GT Academy competition in 2011, going from gamer to real racer. Afterwards, nothing could stop him from winning various racing events like a podium finish (top 3) in his class at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.

He has won races in several racing series including GP3 and the Japanese Super GT championship. Later in his career he became championship contender in the All-Japan Formula 3 championship. Mardenborough achieved a significant part of his success racing in Japan’s Super GT and Super Formula championships. He competed in many different racing categories, showing his ability to adjust to various cars and tracks.

Has Jann Mardenborough Dated Anyone in the Past?

There are rumors of him dating fashion designer Sophie Hulme in 2018, but these are unconfirmed. They were seen together at events, restaurants, or other public places;  even a casual encounter between celebs can lead to dating rumors. Some rumors claim that Jann Mardenborough has been accompanied at races by Sophie Hulman. 

While the nature of this relationship remains unclear, and there is no confirmation from either party, these things create an unreal but endless questions and search queries about them. People are also very curious to know about his real-life wife or girlfriend because the movie Gran Turismo casts a character named Audrey as his girlfriend. Gran Turismo is a movie focused on Jann’s motor sports career, and to make his life-story movie even more interesting and spicy, the director and writers added a fictional girlfriend into the film’s story. Since then his fans are going crazy in guessing who could be his real-life love.