Pearlvine International: Must Read Facts About This Crowdfunding Company

Pearlvine is Closed: Cannot Access Your User Account?

Pearlvine is a crowdfunding company that claims to provide its investors a big return on investment. Users can invest a small amount and yet expect surprising benefits on the invested amount. It particularly gained attention in India, but the company claims Pearlvine to be an international product for investing money. Some recent events suggest that Pearlvine is a scam. The official website recently vanished from the web and the URL is now being redirected to an online gaming website. Also there is no reliable or functional contact information on the PearlVine app and website. Thousands of users on the internet have reported their money got lost and they can no longer login to the portal to access their user account. It is a sad reality that it is another scam from an anonymous group. 

They cleverly hide their real identity from the public during their scam Pearlvine was getting attention and investments from thousands of users in India. According to multiple sources across social media forums and public posts, they have gone underground after pooling and collecting money from various noob investors who had little to no knowledge in this niche. In this article, we will debunk their so-called investment plans and loopholes. 

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Is Pearlvine a Scam?

According to real-life user reviews from TrustPilot and MouthShut, several negative reviews mention users losing their investment without receiving expected returns or benefits. These consistent comments from various users on financial loss suggests that Pearlvine does not deliver on its promises, providing a strong reason to be seen as a scam.

While reviewing the investment application, I reviewed hundreds of complaints in public forums about issues with logging in, accessing accounts, withdrawal for earned funds. 

Also the company Pearlvine has been noticed making false or exaggerated claims about potential earnings or benefits. They say you can earn 50 thousand Indian rupees by investing a mere 2 thousand rupees. This is indeed an unrealistic promise and most of the users state their $30 invested money disappeared as soon as they added it to their Pearlvine account.

It has been flagged as a pyramid scheme, where the primary focus is on recruiting new members rather than selling legitimate products or services. Such schemes are inherently deceptive and unsustainable, and indicate it is a scam company. 

Also, Pearlvine’s lack of transparency regarding its ownership, financial model, or operations have been a concern. Why would a legitimate company conceal such crucial information if they want to build a secure and trustworthy relationship between their customers? 99% of scam investment schemes and companies incorporate the same concealment strategy for their identity. False investment schemes, like Pearlvine, prefer to stay anonymous from their customer base to remain immune from legal consequences and customer allegations. 

If a company providing sensitive services involving collecting money from numerous individuals conceals its physical address, contact information, and other details, it’s likely engaged in a significant scam.

What Quora Reviews Says About PearlVine’s Legality?

Recent reviews on Quora from experts have been very negative and have debunked many laws of the organization. These reviews have been eye-opening for many potential victims. 

Doubtful Address and Lack of Transparency

Pearlvine International’s credibility is called into question due to its unclear physical address, purportedly located on a Texas road. Attempts to verify this address have been unsuccessful, raising doubt on the company’s transparency and legitimacy.

Testimony from Reliable Sources

Reports from individuals who have conducted investigations into Pearlvine International indicate that the company may be fraudulent. One individual, with contacts in the USA, found no evidence of Pearlvine’s existence in the country, adding weight to suspicions of its authenticity.

Unprofessional Business Practices

The presence of advertisements on Pearlvine International’s website contradicts the professional standards typically upheld by legitimate companies. This departure from standard practice raises concerns about the company’s professionalism and authenticity.

Misleading Claims and Exaggerated Infrastructure

Pearlvine International makes exaggerated claims about its infrastructure, boasting more servers than Google and the deployment of its own satellites. Such grandiose assertions lack credibility and may be intended to deceive potential investors.

Questionable Cryptocurrency Operations

Pearlvine International promotes a cryptocurrency known as Mynt coin, yet its explanations about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology appear misleading. These attempts to manipulate investors by providing false information raise serious doubts about the legitimacy of the company.

Dubious Objectives and Potential Risks

Pearlvine International’s objectives, such as increasing its website’s Alexa ranking and the value of Mynt coins, appear suspicious and lacking in credibility. Moreover, recent announcements by the Indian government regarding the regulation and potential banning of private cryptocurrencies suggest legal risks associated with investing in Pearlvine International.

Disappearance of Pearlvine International’s Website

Attempts to access its website have proven useless. When we try accessing Pearlvine’s platform, users are redirected to a gaming website, indicating that Pearlvine International’s online presence has been deliberately removed. This sudden disappearance of the website further strongly suggests the scam behind all this. Users can no longer access their accounts and access their money. The funds contributed by users have vanished into the pockets of Pearlvine’s anonymous owner, leaving individuals empty-handed and without recourse.


These “Get rich real quick” scams on the internet are never ending and it is the responsibility of each internet user to understand the risks of such schemes. Government cannot control every single activity or transaction that happens over the web. Pearlvine International vanished from the web, leaving users clueless. Money given to these schemes disappears, leaving people broke. The site now leads to a gaming site, showing its deception. These scams trick people with fake promises, taking their money. It’s important to be careful and do research online. Stay alert to avoid these tricky schemes.