PDF Conversion Varieties

PDF Conversion

The vastness of PDF’s usability is beyond excellence. For ordinary users, PDFs editor seem like less useful files with hard-to-edit characteristics. But for computer experts, the invention of PDFs caused a massive improvement in the world of computer files. These PDFs are so perfectly made that experts believe they will last until the next 100 years. 

Given that your file is already on the portable document format, why is there a need to convert them to other file formats? If PDF is the best format there is, why do we still have to convert it? There are several reasons for PDF conversions depending on the user’s purpose. Whether it is for work-related or personal reasons, the time will come that conversion is necessary. 

Converting PDFs to JPGs/JPEGs

Common inquiries from different users are about how to transform files from PDF to JPG. This dilemma usually comes from photo experts who are particular with resolution and quality. Although PDFs have a naturally compact size and more convenient printing outputs, JPG is still the best file format for displaying high-quality images. 

If you are not one of those photo experts, you can still find this feature somewhat useful for your files’ photo editing purposes. You cannot edit a PDF file directly. Uploading pictures on social media platforms requires the standard JPG format. Cut to the chase, follow these steps to convert your PDFs to the JPG format:

  • Go to PDFBear’s home page and choose the PDF to JPG option. 
  • Click “Select a File” and upload your PDF from its designated folder. 
  • PDFBear will start converting your file, taking only less than 15 seconds. It may take longer if the images have a higher resolution. 
  • You can choose whether to extract single images or convert entire pages, depending on what you need. 
  • Click “Choose Option,” then you can save your newly converted JPG to your disk directly or copy its URL. 

Other Available File Formats For Converting

PDFBear’s converter tool is of top-quality and ensures to maintain the quality of your files. Since you have now uncovered how to convert PDF to JPG, what comes next? Is there a possibility that we can also convert PDF to other file formats like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word? Yes, we can, because PDFBear’s conversion selection is exceptional!

It has ensured to include the most used file formats available for conversion. PDFBear includes converting your PDF to widely used formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, PDF/A, and many more! The converter tool goes two-way, enabling users to convert other file formats to the portable document format. 

Here are some file formats convertible to PDF: PBM, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. Given these excellent selections of file transformations, PDFBear is your best choice to handle files and convert from and to PDF. It is not limited to file converting only; PDFBear offers more free services you can avail of as long as you are connected online! 

Efficient PDF Management

To better organize your files, you should also know that PDFBear also has other services like split and merge PDF! How are these features useful? If you are the corporate guy handling hundreds of PDF files weekly, you probably need an extra hand to keep your files more organized and avoid unnecessary loss. 

Separating PDF Pages

If you have encountered an overloaded PDF that needs page separation, you can use the PDFBear split tool. You can choose the pages you wish to detach from your original file and save it to a different location. You can also copy the URL to send it directly to your client without hassle. 

Combining PDF Pages

If you acquired too many individualized PDFs that require a compilation, you can use the PDFBear merge tool. Combining pages into a single file leaves your folders more room and space. You can select dozens of pages and integrate them into a compilation without compromising the actual quality; that is the absolute quality of PDFBear. 

Protecting Your PDFs

There are many instances wherein we encounter confidential files, mainly if they include financial records and any of such content. Although some PDFs are not directly accessible to other users, you can also use the password protection of PDFBear to provide extra security to your PDFs. 

PDFBear has a modern, sophisticated, and secure system that permanently removes your uploaded files once done with the processes. You can use their 256-bit encryption protocol to enhance your file’s safety and security. 


Working your way up requires not only focus, perseverance, and determination, but you also have to be proactively wise and optimize your wisdom. Technological advancements drive us to better accessibility and greater opportunities; knowing how to integrate all these collective advantages can elevate your game faster and better. So try PDFBear for your conversion needs now.