The Rise of Aesthetic Dinnerware

The Rise of Aesthetic Dinnerware

Gone are the days when you chose your cutlery based on utility and requirement. As design becomes more relevant, you can match the colours of your dishes with your house to impress guests.

What’s more, if you are an individual with an eye for detail, matching dinnerware will provide you with a sense of comfort. Play with refined colour palettes as you experiment and decide on the tone you want. 

Types of Dinnerware

Dinnerware is a blanket term for all the items used for food-related purposes. These purposes include setting the table, serving the food, and dining. Some standard items include cutlery, glassware, and other items which solely fulfil a decorative purpose.

Let’s take a look at some materials utilized to make these sets.

Bone china

Bone china is a chip-resistant material and is durable and lightweight. It is an ideal choice for any occasion, casual or special. It is considered the most robust china range and can be utilized in a microwave and dishwasher. 


Earthenware is the oldest industrial material renowned for its sturdiness and casual appeal. The identity of the material enables it to provide significant weight. However, it is advisable not to subject it to sudden temperature changes as the exposure may lead to visual changes.


One of the most versatile materials available, Porcelain also boasts a non-porous surface. The durability this material displays results from it being subjected to high-firing temperatures. And as an outcome, this material can be used in a microwave or even a dishwasher.


Melamine is a material that’s well-known for its shatterproof nature, which also makes it difficult to break or chip. Due to this nature, it is widely employed for outdoor use. Despite being shatterproof, Melamine can break under microwave or an oven.


A finishing glaze coupled with a waterproof finish is the signature look of Stoneware. These materials also provide a smooth look to your item, making them ideal for everyday use. They boast more durability than Earthenware but are recommended to be kept at even temperatures.

The Concept of Minimalism in the Kitchen

The broad concept of minimalism states that individuals only need to keep what’s considered valuable. But this may prove to be confusing since minimalism doesn’t necessarily require throwing your dinnerware away.

This concept can be paired with colour to stress the importance that a single colour adds to your life. You can utilize one colour and pair it up with various designs for multiple usages in the kitchen. Employing this method also helps reduce clutter, especially for a small household.

The modern concept of aesthetics also focuses significantly on minimalism. A solid color palette is usually employed for the kitchen and minute splashes of bright colors. 

The neutral tones usually used in dinnerware enable them to stand out in this background. As a result, the items retain their functionality while adding a comforting look to your space.

Summing Up

Art directors are employed explicitly in movies to ensure that colours complement each other. The creative prowess required for this job is immense.

Step into an amateur art director’s shoes and complement your kitchen with your favourite colour combinationsWho knows, maybe your choice is as good as a professional’s.