Paragliding Equipment – An essential safety parameter

As soon as anybody hears the word ‘paragliding’, he naturally imagines being a human bird – flying high in the sky, gliding through the dense meadows, feeling weightless, and having the best experience of a lifetime. For many, paragliding finds a place on their bucket list. People of all ages enjoy brisk tandem paragliding. For light-hearted people, it is just the split second between the decision to jump and actually making the jump to get over the feeling of fear.

With the commercialisation of paragliding, safety has always been the prime concern for anybody who wants to glide in the sky. Hence, many paragliding equipments are for sale, which is essential for every flight.

Types of Paragliding Equipments

Here are a few types of equipment that a paraglider must always carry before taking the jump:

Reserve Parachute

It is a backup option used in cases of emergency when the main glider fails to open mid-air. Although it might not be possible to control the direction of the flight, this equipment holds the utmost importance in any situation of difficulty.


The wing is the most important part of equipment for paragliding. An ellipse-shaped material made of either nylon or polyester, it is what helps to glide for long, high above the sky. Its design helps to maintain aerodynamics.


It is a tool of safety in the form of straps that provide protection to the pilot. It also acts as a cushion which makes it relatively easier to continue the flight. It is important to know that the reserve parachute is stored under the harness; hence, it becomes even more important to control the wings.

Flight Deck

Flight decks are a kind of storage area which are attached to the wings with the help of carabiners. Various things which come in handy while taking a flight can be stored here. Some examples include – extra carabiners, GPS, variometer, compass, et cetera.


A compass is a basic necessity as professional paragliders who sail in the sky for a long duration might need assistance in the form of direction to help them land and reach the spot they desire. It is an accurate form of GPS which every paraglider must carry.


A backpack serves a dual purpose. It provides a storage option where many essential things can be kept. Further, it is also used to pack the parachute inside the bag. Second, it acts as back support, which helps to keep the back not hanging in the air.


A helmet protects the skull from any kind of injury. It is not necessary that the pilot will land straight. It might land at any position, and thus in these situations, it is essential to protect the skull from any kind of injury.


It helps to measure the vertical speed, altitude, and air temperature while taking a flight. All these are essential to know to keep track of the weather conditions.

Flight Suit

Flight suits are specially designed to provide a hassle-free flight. It is structured in such a way that it helps to cut through the air and provide comfort to the pilot.


When moving at high speed, there are chances that any minute object might hit the eyes and cause the pilot to lose balance and thus lead to visionary problems.


Gloves protect from frostbite due to cold temperatures at high altitudes. Further, it protects from the friction of the ropes as wings need to be constantly administered to provide direction.

Paragliding is a thrilling sport that requires many technical pieces of equipment to successfully complete a flight. It is quite expensive for any individual to take up paragliding equipment for sale as it is quite expensive. Thus many companies choose to provide rental services for these types of equipment. One should try to fly in their life, and paragliding gives the perfect opportunity to experience the same. The surreal feeling experienced can only be best described in one’s own mind.