Tips For Choosing the Right Indian Wedding Sarees Online

<strong>Tips For Choosing the Right Indian Wedding Sarees Online</strong>

The wedding is a special day. Every person remembers each beautiful moment of their function and keeps it safe for a lifetime. It requires a special outfit. Your outfit requires dedication, care, and enthusiasm. Selecting the right Indian wedding saree can be confusing and intimidating for many. There is immense pressure to look the best; the pictures are a lifetime full of memory. 

Tips for picking the suitable Indian wedding saree blouse online

A few factors must be considered while selecting the right outfit. Numerous combinations are possible from the fabric, print, work, and colour. The list is just endless. Here is a guide that can help you pick the correct outfit for yourself to buy saree online in india.

  1. Pick out a suitable fabric

Fabric plays an important role when it comes to a saree. They can help you carry your look better. Here are some fabrics that you must know about –

  • Cotton – A classic cotton-based saree helps you get a simple, homely look. This is perfect for a day and simple wedding.
  • Silk – Consider wearing a silk saree for a rich and elegant look. Lustre, flow and rich vibes, it has it all.
  • Net – A net-based saree helps you get a modern-day bride feel, which helps you get a chic and defined look. If you love a bold look, this is it for you.
  • Velvet – With winter right around the corner, picking a velvet saree will help you stay warm and comfortable. At the same time, velvet in itself gives a royal look.
  1. Colour

Picking the right colour is an important part. It can completely change the way your outfit turns out to be. For an evening or night wedding, you can go with dark or bright colours, while for a morning event, go for light colours for a subtle look. Before selecting the colour, understand your skin tone and body colour too. Select a colour that compliments you rather than what others might think.

  1. Prints 

There are many prints to choose from; here is a short guide to help you select better.

  • Large prints – Large prints work well for someone with a slim figure. They help enhance the look. Go for a floral saree with large prints.
  • Small prints- If you are a medium or large-sized bride, wearing small print sarees will help you look better in shape.
  • Digital prints- This season, a saree with digital prints is in trend. You may also go for an abstract saree.

Sarees that you must know about

There are a wide variety of sarees available in the market. We can see sarees from different states and traditions in the market to buy sarees online. Here are some sarees that you must know about

  • Kanchivaram south Indian wedding saree

Kanchivaram silk sarees are the pride of South India. This is considered to be the most decent and structured outfit when it comes to an Indian wedding. Pair Kanchipuram silk sarees with classic gold jewellery to get a complete ethnic look. Putting on a belt or a Kamar bandh is a great way to enhance your waistline. Pleating this saree well is also important as it helps to maintain the structure. A classic hair braid with some flower add-on is the perfect way to get the South Indian vibe.

  • Bandhej Indian wedding saree for the bride

Bandhej sarees are well-known all over the world. They hail from western India, which is part of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This saree is the source of the tie-and-dye outfits that we see today in the market. Originally the grains of pulses were tied in small knots before the sorry was put for dying. After dying, these knots were open, resulting in a beautiful Bandhej saree. Classic hair bun and gajra will go perfectly well with this outfit. 

  • Lehriya bridal Indian wedding saree

Another type of tie and dye saree from the vessel India, particularly Rajasthan, is the Lehriya saree. When one sees a Lehriya saree, one automatically falls in love with this piece as it is flowy and breezy. If you are looking for a minimal look, you must consider going for a Lehriya saree.

  • Chikanari traditional Indian wedding saree

We all know the famous Lucknow chikankari saree. This cotton saree is the epitome of delicacy and simplicity. It is chic and structured and helps maintain a subtle vibe. There are many embroidery options to choose from regarding a Chikakari saree. More miniature embroideries help get a more defined look. If you have a day wedding, go for a chikankari saree with pastel colours, which is the ultimate choice. 

  • Phulkari saree

How can we miss out on the evergreen Phulkari saree? Phulkari sarees originated from Punjab, and the women in their houses initially handcrafted us. There is a wide variety of embroideries and work to choose from. Phulkari sarees are common with more flower or geometric pattern-based embroidery.


Have you made up your mind yet on the saree you wish to go for? If not, then you must find Indian wedding saree online to have a greater idea of the wide variety of sarees to choose from. Remember, you must love the saree to own the look.C