Trails Carolina Death: Student Alec Lansing Dies at Wilderness Therapy

Trails Carolina Tragedy: Student Alec Lansing Dies at Wilderness Therapy Camp

Trials Carolina Death: Alec Lansing,17, a student of Trails Carolina was found dead in the jungle after he went missing on November 10 2014. He was found dead on 11 Nov 2014, in a water stream with broken hip bones. According to the post mortem reports, he was trying to climb a tree, but his foot slipped and he fell down in the water stream below, leading to a fracture in the lower back and hip bones. He became disabled after falling down from the tree and soon died because of Hypothermia in a chilling 45 degree Fahrenheit. According to the official sources, a human body can easily pass out in longer exposure to such temperature, especially if it is injured and underwater. Same in this case, as Alec fell down in the water stream, his body stayed continuously in contact with chilling water, leading to Hypothermia. 

The unfortunate child couldn’t move himself away from the water stream after the fall which resulted in a fractured bone. We are deeply saddened by the news of the painful passing of this innocent child. His parents must be devastated to receive such tragic news, especially considering they had enrolled their child in the wilderness therapy program with hopes of improvement.

The reasons behind Trails Carolina’s student missing and death are still questionable. It seems that the student was not happy and satisfied with the program and its challenging situations, prompting a plan to run away from the place. According to officials, the student was running away from the therapy camp, disturbed by some events that took place in the middle of their therapy. The student could have been saved if the staff had engaged in effective communication.

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program launched by a group situated in North Carolina, United States. The wilderness therapy helps students realize their inner potential by getting into puzzling situations and challenges. Students commonly get help from expert therapists in the lap of nature in the form of physical and mental challenges.

We pray for the teenager’s family to cope with the severe loss. We can understand how difficult and painful it would be for his guardians to accept the loss of their son who went to Trails Carolina to heal himself and become a better version of himself.

The wilderness therapy is definitely life-changing and super-beneficial for some participants, but many graduates of this program often complain about the risks associated with it. Many claim that this program is very unsafe and traumatizing for children because of having too intense and challenging sessions. Many kids who are physically unhealthy often find this program disturbing and depressing. Therefore, parents should think a thousand times before enrolling their family members in such therapeutic programs.