What Does Your House Exterior Reveal About You?


Espousers say, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But do you believe this applies to your home’s exterior? Do passers-by or your neighbors form opinions based on what they see? When people pass by your home, they peek at the exterior spaces and features. All these features have bits of your personality and values written on them. So, yes, anyone who passes by your home will definitely judge your home by its cover. The color palette on your exterior walls, the shapes on the windows, the wood pieces on the deck, or the lush grass and shrubs on the lawn tell others who you are. They’ll form opinions about you and your home based on what they see.

Here is a detailed guide on what your home’s exterior says about you. 

Are You a Social Butterfly?  

You don’t have to write it or announce that you love inviting friends, hosting parties, or get-togethers. Loads of outdoor seating spaces, an outdoor dining area, or a barbeque spot tell others your love hosting friends. The colorful furnishing or comfy cushions and throw pillows on the porch tell others you’re a lively and approachable soul. The colors on the exterior walls, front door, siding, deck, or patio give hints of your warm and fun-loving nature. Yellows, orange or red hues definitely tell others you’re a bubbly person. Social butterflies always desire to extend the indoor vibe outdoors. One of the best ways to bring the indoor living space into your home’s exterior is by adding a deck. The deck’s styling, curving, wood choices, and decor piece should augment your fun-loving nature. An experienced deck builder will help you build and set up a deck that reflects your genial personality.

The Nurturer 

When your guests see a groomed lawn, spectacular landscaping, trimmed bushes, clipped edges, or clean exterior walls, they see a nurturer. They see someone who dedicates their time to care for others. If you are a nurturer, there is a high likelihood that your home’s exterior looks meticulously done and organized. There’ll be lots of greenish spots in the outdoor spaces. The exterior walls and the siding are greenish. The green shows you are an easy-going, loving, and grounded soul. There is a high chance you freshen the exterior paint every few years to keep it new and neat. 

The Free-Spirited Soul

Free-spirited people incline towards boho chic “ish” or a mix of bold patterns and colors. One will definitely spot unconventional decor items in your home’s exterior. You may have a bunch of cultural pieces by the front door. There is a cozy outdoorsy area with lots of cushions and knitted blankets. How can I forget about the hammock and a patterned rug on the patio or the deck? Think of adding hammock chairs or a cozy nook on the deck to revamp it. You should definitely add a string of warm lights to make the space warm and inviting. Work alongside a deck builder to create a deck that mirrors your free-spirited nature. 

The Trendsetter 

You pay attention to aesthetics each time you pick any piece to style your home’s exterior. There is a high likelihood there is always a home decor or the latest home designs magazine neatly tucked into your bag. It won’t be a surprise to notice statement-making palettes on the shingles or siding. Monochromatic hues of black or charcoal black are currently in trend, which is why you have an all-black exterior with an accent color on your front door. 

Are You Calm and Collected?  

Your home’s exterior looks simple. You like playing it safe. That’s why you surround yourself with blue hues. When people see the blue hues on the siding, trims, shingles, or the front door, they can tell you treasurer calmness and peace. There is a high chance you don’t have an outdoorsy lounge area. You prefer to stay indoors. And you probably have indoor plants with grow lights installed for them. That’s why all the seats face inwards. 

Final Say

Tell your guests, passers-by, and neighbors who you are without mentioning it. If you’re planning a home improvement project, take the chance to express yourself. Design an exterior that boldly tells others you’re trendy, free-spirited, energetic, caring, or a free-spirited person. Design an outdoor that cohesively merges your home’s architecture with your personality. Every piece should reflect the energy you radiate to the world.