What Else Can You Cook in a Deep Fryer, Besides French Fries?

Potatoes are probably the most popular things you can cook in a deep fryer.

Everyone knows how great they turn out when cut into little sticks and bathed in sizzling hot oil.

Just ask anyone, and they’ll say French fries are among their favorite foods in the world.

No wonder restaurants, fast food joints, and other food places invest in high-quality commercial deep fryers for sale. You can’t run a food business without it.

And it’s just great how deep fryers are not just for French fries. Check out the list below to know what else you can cook in it.

Onions and Other Vegetables

Next to potatoes, onions are the second most popular deep-fried vegetable. And onion rings may be your next favourite deep-fried side dish.

When you dip sliced onions in batter and deep fry them to perfection, you end up with crispy, delicious onion rings that are a staple in fast food places. And you can do the same with just about any vegetable – from mushrooms and peppers to eggplants and scallions.


Deep frying gives you the crispiest form of fried chicken ever.

Yes, you can fry them in pans, but there’s just something about deep frying that’s special. And it makes the chicken even tastier.

And did you know you can even deep fry a whole chicken? Many say deep-fried whole chicken tastes even better than roasted chicken.

But remember to fry your meat properly, which takes around 12-18 minutes. To be sure the chicken is cooked, check the internal temperature. If the thermometer reads around 73 degrees Celsius, you can take it out of the deep fryer.


The best fishes to deep fry include tilapia, Alaskan cod, catfish, trout, and halibut. You can coat these fishes in flour and dip them in beer batter before deep frying, so they come out nice and crispy.

Deep frying fish only takes about five to eight minutes at 375 degrees Celsius. Or if it’s already golden brown, then it’s done.


Can you deep fry beef?

Yes. Deep-fried steaks are a thing.

However, this cooking method is best for tender cuts like the rib-eye. Avoid deep frying thick and tough cuts because they are difficult to handle.

When you deep fry beef, you can use any cooking oil as long as it does not smoke or burn. Then only fry your steak for two to six minutes depending on how thick the cut is and how cooked you prefer it to be.

Bread and Pasta

It may sound weird, but deep-fried bread and pasta exist. This idea is great for leftovers, and your creation will taste just as good as the first dish.

Take leftover mac and cheese, for example. Roll them into balls, freeze, and deep fry the next day for an easy lunch.

Fried bread also works great as a side for meals, especially for soups and stew.

There is no doubt how deep fryers can cook the perfect French fries. Thanks to this kitchen equipment, everyone can enjoy crisp, properly cooked fries, either as a snack or side to any dish.

But the best thing about this kitchen equipment is that you can cook almost anything in it. So, it’s not surprising how many food joints create their unique recipes using a deep fryer.

Find the perfect, high-quality commercial deep fryers for sale and purchase them at reasonable prices. Then, no one can stop you from creating amazing deep-fried dishes.