What is a Coyote Fence?

Coyote Fence

A coyote fence is made of heavy steel and has Coyote Rolls or is high enough to prevent jumping. Homeowners may even add a top in some places to protect their livestock. However, electric fencing can be used by some homeowners. 

Coyote Rollers

Aluminum cylinders attached to the fence’s top are coyote rollers. Coyotes can seem to levitate but they pull up fences with their front paws. Coyote Rollers can be used with all types of fences such as wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron. The fence should be a minimum of six feet in height. You can be sure that the coyote will not get over your roller if it is less than 6 feet.

Coyotes and Livestock

Coyotes account for 65 percent of the calf, cattle, and lamb losses due to predators. Coyotes attack kids as well as the elder people. Lights can be installed above your corrals to protect your livestock, particularly strobe lights. Strobe lights are hated by coyotes. Dozens of donkeys, big dogs, and llamas can be good guards. Promptly remove any dead livestock so coyotes aren’t tempted to scavenge

Coyote encounter tips

  • You might be surprised to find a coyote while walking in your neighborhood. Here are some suggestions.
  • Try to wear 2-3 layers of clothes. Speak loudly and shout. If you’re wearing jackets, open them like a cape. 
  • Don’t run or turn around. This is what prey does. 
  • To make sure you don’t get bitten by coyotes in an area that is very densely populated, stuff your pockets with rocks and golf balls. To make some noise, you could also carry an air horn, or a large brightly-colored umbrella, which will allow you to appear larger. 
  • Avoid areas that are overgrown or have been abandoned. 
  • Be unpredictable. You are more likely to be followed by a coyote if you always walk at the same pace every day. 
  • Rather than building a taller fence, you can always install coyote rollers on the fence to prevent them from getting a handle on it. Install chicken wire, PVC pipe, or barbed wire over the top as an extra layer of protection.

Although you need to be concerned about coyotes leaping and climbing the fence, you’ll also want to make sure that the fence is buried deep enough to prevent them from easily digging through. Make sure you keep your pets close to home – and close to you – if you have small dogs or other small pets. Your guard animals might also be in danger if they roam freely. Fences are one precaution you can take to help keep your pets close to home and protected from coyote conflict