Which Countries Offer Scholarships

Scholarships are not distributed equally. Some scholarships are based on academic fees, while others are based on basic expenses. However, there are some fully funded scholarships that provide overall support on living, academic, insurance, allowances, and transportation expenses. The majority costs of studying abroad are covered by British scholarships but some other countries also provide better scholarship offerings.

There are numerous international scholarships available from various developing countries around the world, including the Middle East, Asia, America and so. If you are a student from a developing country, you may be eligible for various global scholarships. These scholarships intended to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of student populations at universities worldwide. Here is the list of countries that are offering scholarships and study funding.

  • Scholarships in Australia

Australia provides scholarships for foreign students who wanted to study at Australian universities from selected Asian, Pacific, African, and Middle Eastern countries. Australian institutions offers scholarships specifically for training and educational courses, undergrad and postgraduate degrees, and doctoral program (PhD).

  • Scholarships in New Zealand

The New Zealand provides the chance to their international students (Asia, Africa, America, and Caribbean) to avail the scholarship and gain more experience in their respective field. New Zealand offers fully funded scholarship that will contribute towards the establishment of their home nation. 

  • Scholarships in Europe

The European Commission established the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to provide funding for students from all over the world to study in Europe at selected institutions.

  • Belgium – It offers VLIR-UOS scholarship program for the students from developed countries.
  • France – It provide the Eiffel scholarships to the undergrad and postgraduate students outside from the country.
  • Germany ­–Germany’s scholarship program, known as the DAAD scholarship, was designed for master’s students and young professionals.The DAAD scholarship provides full or partial scholarships to selected programs.
  • Ireland – It provides the training programs related Tanzania Fellowship for the eligible degree holder students in Ireland.
  • Netherland – In order to encourage the bright students, Netherland provides high potential scholarships provided by University of Maastricht to support students financially.
  • United Kingdom – UK offers British scholarships for international students from various developing countries. Some of the scholarships contain:
  • British Council scholarships
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarships
  • Scholarships at University of Nottingham
  • Said Foundation Scholarships
  • Scholarships in North America
  • Canada– The University of British Columbia offers graduate degrees to outstanding students across the world. Further, the Lester B. Pearson program is designed for international students who have demonstrated exemplary educational success as a school leaders. This scholarship program is conducted at the University of Toronto.
  • USA –Americans provide a full-bright scholarship program for foreign students pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree in the US.In addition, a Global Leader Scholarship is emerging from American university for high-achieving students seeking a bachelor’s degree.
  • Scholarships For Asians

There are merit-based scholarships available, such as Asia Foundation Development, for educators from developing Asian countries. Further, UNESCO is a fellowship program which is offering to Asian students (Chinese/Korean or Japanese). Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is a new foreign scholarship for Asians.