Tips on how to avoid body odor? 

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Sweating is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to complex and strenuous exercises or to overcome excessive heat in the summer. There are two sweat glands inside your body responsible for producing sweat. These sweat glands are Eccrine and Apocrine sweat glands. It is a cooling mechanism to get rid of heat from the body, especially during summer. 

As sweat evaporates by atmospheric air and heat, it decreases body temperature. Hence, it is a way of homeostasis, a procedure to maintain the body’s temperature. The sweat of a person is itself odorless. However, when bacteria breed in it, it causes a pungent and unpleasant odor. The presence of bacteria causes body odor which becomes inconvenient for him and the people around him.

Significant causes of body odor

Body odor generally arises during summer or while doing strenuous exercises. However, other factors also contribute to it. Primarily, the body odor occurs due to products generated when bacteria break down the body’s keratin protein. Puberty causes an elevation of a hormone called Androgen. Hence, body odor is generally present in young kids due to this hormone. 

Excessive body weight and high-fat content also give rise to body odor. Body odor is a significant concern for certain diseases such as liver and kidney disease. Similarly, a person on antidepressants also has this issue. Eating oily food also results in body odor.

How to prevent body odor? 

Body odor is a significant concern for those dealing with it. Mostly the unpleasant odor comes from the armpit, upper thighs, and feet. Adopt these guidelines to prevent the occurrence of body odor.

  • Take a shower regularly to prevent sweating and bacteria penetration in it. Bacteria in the sweat cause body odor. Hence, taking a bath will remove all the bacteria from your body. 
  • Using antibacterial soap also helps get rid of bacteria that cause body odor. Therefore, use antibacterial soap or body wash to avoid a bad smell. 
  • Use a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water to help prevent the problem of body odor. To one cup of water, add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this solution to the armpits or other body parts that have excessive sweating. 
  • Skin folding, especially in the armpits, causes excessive sweating. However, when bacteria penetrate there, it gives an intense odor. It can be avoided by using products available in the market that neutralize body odor. Organic armpit wash is available in the market, which is the best solution. This natural product contains substances that counteract body odor and give pleasant natural scents to your body. 
  • Intake of a healthy diet also helps in preventing body odor. It is advised to take fresh fruits and vegetables despite eating oily food. Hot pepper in spicy and oily food causes an unpleasant smell. Water intake is also beneficial. That will remove toxic substances from the body that will otherwise cause body odor. 
  • Try to avoid excessive sweating and keep your body parts dry. Use deodorants and antiperspirants to prevent body odor
  • If you are ingesting medications related to kidney and liver disorders, then compensate for it 
  • Despite doing all the prevention, still have body odor, consult your doctor to find a possible remedy. 


A pleasant body odor is a part of a person’s personality. A person’s confidence is lost when a foul body odor is detected. His self-esteem vanishes, and he dwells in an inferiority complex. It also affects his communal life. Hence, a person should concentrate on his body hygiene. He should go through his routine and find out what he is doing wrong. He should adopt healthy eating habits. Use of deodorants, antiperspirants, antibacterial body wash, soap, powder, etc., are all meaningful tools to avoid sweating that leads to body odor. Hence, a person should follow these guidelines to find a perfect routine to prevent body odors.